Whatsapp gets a new update with material design

Whatsapp recently received a new update with the calling feature. With this new update for whataapp, the app will be getting all together a new interface.

Talking about the interface of the phone, apparently whatsapp is getting a new update which will bring changes majorly with the look for the app.

Going with the reports of the company, the new whatsapps update with material design will  be a look alike of the Lollipop whatsapp interface.

Now since the Lolipop OS is going viral with all the new phones, whatsapp gives away the look of it with the update.

Whatsapp gets a new update with material design


Coming to the Lollipop OS for phones, not everyone are liking the changes that the new operating system has come up. But some hear and there changes with the operating system like the whatsapp interface is loved.

So if you just wish to have the whatsapp interface part of the Lollipop OS, this update might be of interest to you. Now that was all about the look and design of the new whatsapp update with material design. Let’s take a look at all the features that the new whatsapp update with material design will have.

Of all the updates for whatsapp, this new whatsapp update with material design brings a major difference with the look and the features. The new look of whatsapp will be a completely changed one.

The new update for the app comes with a new deep green title bar. It is added with three tabs for the calls, messages and chats. This will be the same if you have updated your phone with the whatsapp calling feature.

Further the individual chat window comes with new buttons to record voice messages. Alongside, group chats have been given an all new look. Users will now be able to see cleaner and bigger image of the group icon on top. 

The build version of the new whatsapp update is 2.12.44. While this update is yet to come in the Google Play store, you can download the same from the official website of the company.

If you have upgraded you whatsapp with the update for material design, do share with us your experience with the same.