What is Whatsapp?

I guess that Whatsapp doesn’t need an overview or rough guide. Yeah, you can say “Whatsapp is one of the most addictive messaging app in today’s life.” Or “The Baap of all Apps.” I’m so much damn addicted to it that there is hardly an hour in the day I would not check my Whatsapp Messages. The first thing you ask after a little verbal chat while making a friendship would be ‘are you on Whatsapp?’ and then Whatsapp will take care of your friendship.


But do we really know what exactly Whatsapp is? Whatsapp is a cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smart phones founded by Jan Koum and Brian Actom launched in 2009, when TRAI set a limit to messages which was quite the source to convey something important. And as it was free to download and easy to install, WhatsApp became the crowned king of all the messaging apps we have around today.


The app not only allows you to send unlimited messages but also has the facility to share images, audios and videos. We can give the credit to its ease of managing on the wide range of platform for exchange of all sorts of messages and multimedia stuff with safety and security along with the quick service.

Whatsapp covers all the parameters which one may need while sharing some very important data i.e. safety, security, privacy and its speed. Whatsapp has more monthly users than the total registered users of most of its counterparts. By Feb 2013, whatsapp’s user base expanded to about 4 – 5 billion users with its employ staff of 50. Whatsapp swells of around 600 million users every month.


Apps like Line, Hike, Wechat and Viber are having options to video call and all those cool stickers but what makes Whatsapp different from all of them? Teenagers are switching instantly from all these apps to Whatsapp. Just because whatsapp is easy to use and very simple messaging procedure. Whatsapp creates a user account using one’s phone number as it’s username. You don’t have to login every time you come on whatsapp. It synchronizes all the contacts and adds automatically to the users’ whatsapp contact list. It is supported on almost all the popular Operating systems, be it Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows, etc. iPads, as such, don’t support WhatsApp but there are work-arounds and tweaks that you could implement to make it work. There are all sorts of tips and tricks to use WhatsApp in any way you want to.


So just go ahead and connect with your friends and family with this faaduu app, which will never make you feel alone. You’ll always have someone texting just go and enjoy the world seamless texting!

Happy Whatsapping 😉