Whatsapp rolls out voice calling feature for users worldwide

The big daddy among all the messaging apps is all set to thrill its users with its voice calling feature. Whatsapp users have been long waiting for the voice calling feature to reach the phone. Users have been getting hints about the update from quiet a long time.

It is only now that the giant messaging app confirms all of that and concretes the same with the voice calling update for the phones.

Whatsapp has been hinting to come up with the whatsapp voice calling feature update since last year. And the officials have stated that it was only because of the technical hurdles that they were unable to send out the new feature updates for the users.

And even with the update now, it seems that the whatsapp voice calling feature update for the whatsapp users may still be in the testing process.

According to a user, Pradesh Patil, the new whatsapp voice calling feature update comes with new interface and design. And he was able to use the feature on his Nexus 5 running on the Android Lollipop. But the whatsapp voice calling feature update is sure to work with the earlier Android versions.

whatsapp voice calling feature update

Going with the screenshots of the update, there would be separate tabs for voice calling, whatsapp contacts and the settings.

Whatsapp voice calling feature update comes with the new build of Whatsapp 2.11.508. The new whatsapp build is as of now available only on the official website of the app. So users who want the new update could probably download the APK file from there until the app arrives in the Play store.

So like all the other messaging apps supporting the voice calling feature, Whatsapp joins the force with the whatsapp voice calling feature update. This could bring Whatsapp in direct competition with apps like Line, Viber and WeChat which carry the facility of voice calling from quiet a long time.

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