New whatsapp update lets you share messages and media attachements

If you have not been notified about the update, I think it’s time you take a round of the Play store. The app has received another update with its share of interesting and unique features.

Whatsapp has been very dedicated with the updates that it gives at regular intervals. The recent update for the app brought ahead one of the very minor change for the app, with the typing cursor of the app turning blue.

While for the new update for whatsapp, the app seems to have something helpful for users.

So let’s see what’s in store for users, with the new whatsapp update.

The latest whatasapp update will be the 2.12.367 version.

This time the update brings not just one but three new interesting features.

Starred messages:

Something that all whatsapp users will see with the update is the starred messages feature. As the name suggests, users can star the important messages and media attachments from their contacts.

Here is how you can star whatsapp messages:

  1. Go to the whatsapp chat of the contact that you wish to star messages
  2. Press and hold the message or attachment
  3. Now click on the star icon to star the same

How to find the starred messages and  media attachments:

  • From the main chatscreen of the app, go to the three dotted lines on the top right corner of the screen
  • Go to the “Starred messages” option
  • You will find all your starred messages and media attachments here

The next two features are probably set in only for whatsapp running on the Marshmallow OS.

Rich link previews:

Prior to the update, sharing links on whatsapp has been simply boring. And with the new whatsapp update, sharing links on whatsapp has changed a bit.

When users share any URL links related to YouTube, Tweets or Webpages, whatsapp will parse the address quickly. And the link will be accompanied with a small thumbnail image and title.

So after the update,  this is how links shared on whatsapp will look like:

New whatsapp update

Direct share:

Direct share lets you share attachments directly to the last few whatsapp contacts you had a chat with. Now that’s one step faster than having to chose the whatsapp app, and then picking a contact from there to share things!

New whatsapp update

The new version of whatsapp is available for update on the Play store. While some users may already be notified about it!

Since the Marshmallow OS is not around with many of the Android phones, the starred messages is all that users can enjoy! So let us know your experience with the same.

While for Android Marshmallow OS users, let us know your experience with the Direct share and Rick link preview.

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