Whatsapp quiz and puzzles

Apart from all the jokes and forwards, it is time we have some fun with maths and quiz on whatsapp.

And at times, I think people just get so crazy forwarding things, that they even end up repeating the jokes and puzzles. So let’s get a little creative with our forwards with these set of Whatsapp quiz and puzzles.

Have a look at our collection for the best Whatsapp quiz and puzzles. Start driving your friends insane with these tough yet spotive Whatsapp quiz and puzzles.

Whatsapp quiz and puzzles

1. Have fun finding the hidden word behind this face!

Whatsapp quiz and puzzles

2. Which letter lies behind the question mark?

Whatsapp quiz and puzzles

3. Whatsapp quiz and puzzles



1. Liar

2. K. The numerical values of the letters in opposite segments of the circle always add up to 17.

3. How many holes in this shirt answer


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