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We all receive those endless forwards and messages from our friends. Well we have got here a creative way of forwarding messages and grabbing attention from our friends. Here’s another trend of sending forwards and messages to our friends.

Have a look at our collection for whatsapp puzzles. We have picked up a few puzzles made up with whatsapp emoticons and smileys.

Have fun finding the answer behind these emoticons. If you don’t find the answers forward these to your friends to find all the interesting answers.

Here is our pick for the best Whatsapp puzzles.

1. Guess these 10 cosmetic brand names

Whatsapp puzzles

2. Guess these 12 Bollywood songs:

Whatsapp puzzles

3. Guess the names of these Indian Actresses.

Whatsapp puzzles


Cosmetic names:

1. Avon

2. Loreal Paris

3. Lakme

4. Maybelline

5. Lotus

6. Coloressence

7. Ponds

8. Revlon

9. Olay

10. Garnier

Bollywood songs:

1. Tune mari entriyan, aur dil me baji ghantiya

2. Baby doll me sone di

3. Char bottle vodka, kaam mera roj ka

4. Dard dilo ke kam ho jate

5. Tere liye aaya me signal tod tad ke, dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

6. one two three four, get on the dance floor

7. Mein rang sharbato ka, tu meethe ghaat ka pani

8. Sun raha hai na tu, Ro raha hun main

9. Blue eyes, hypnotize teri kardi ye mainu

10. yeh fugly fugly kya hai.

11. tere haath me mera haath hai

12. Jalebi bai

Indian Actors names:

1. Aishwarya
2. Katrina
3 Kareena
4. Sonam
5. Deepika
6.. Nayanthara
7. Alia
8. Radhika
9. Amulya
10. Trisha
11. Ramya

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