WhatsApp Now on Web Soon

Good News for WhatsApp users!!! WhatsApp is one messaging service app no one can stay away from. Its world’s most loved messaging app to connect with your loved ones. WhatsApp has now owned enough popularity and user base that is limited to portable devices only. But recent news leaked by Android World claims that WhatsApp Web Version which may let users to access or run WhatsApp via web Browser/ Internet.

But if the claims are true, it will be a really handy thing for the addictive users who feels lazy to switch to their phone while working on the computer just as I do. Apart of that whatsapp web will also be able to get a better chatting experience due to no crashes and a big screen.
Android World and the GitHub team have discovered some fishy things in the apk file of whatsapp. The suspicious codes have been removed but can still be found on version 2.11.471.
The programme contains codes a way to log in/log out and access the web version of WhatsApp. So now you don’t have to threat from your boss for simultaneously switching on to your pc to ph to check your WhatsApp messages in the office.
WhatsApp won’t be only a good idea to deal with but will also prevent crashes. Some of them are still unaware on it that there are many crash codes released on the web which crashes receiver’s app. If you get such a crash script you’ll be thrown to your ph’s home screen on opening it and it will happen every time you do that. It’s really glitchy when one has to face some precious kios happens with that contact, as you’ll not be able to see them.
But as of now WhatsApp web will run in your web browser, hence no need to worry about all those lags and hangs and crashes.