Whatsapp gets rid of yearly subscription with the new update

What started as just another messaging app, turned out to be a huge success among smartphones and tablets. Within just a few years of launch, the giant messaging app is there with every other smartphone user.

The Facebook owned messaging app, is close to a billion users worldwide. And while the success of whatsapp is at its peak, it also has an ugly side to it. The app failed to monetize in emerging markets due to low debit and credit card penetration. This led to whatsapp service being offered for free.

Whatsapp could soon get rid of yearly subscription

According to the news provided by officials, whatsapp will be running without any subscription starting from today. And this definitely does not mean that the app is going to support any third party apps.

Whatsapp will be testing tools that will allow users to use whatsapp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from.

Now probably that could mean that users can communicate with bank, airlines and other official platforms through whatsapp. Since we receive all these information on normal messages and calls as of now, whatsapp communication could be one added advantage.

At the moment, there is no confirmed date announced for the availability of the new feature for whatsapp in India. But we can expect to see the same coming soon. And users will probably love whatsapp all the more for its business communication strategies!

What is your say on the new feature and subscription free feature of whatsapp? Let us know with your comments.

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