Whatsapp arrives for Indian users on Google Play

I’m sure whatsapp users have eagerly been waiting for the voice calling feature update to reach the phones. And whatsapp has been beating around the bush from quite a long time coming up with the voice calling feature update for users.

So I think this news for the arrival of  voice calling feature update will probably excite almost all the whatsapp users in India.

Thought the voice calling for messaging app is nothing new to hear about, the feature holds some importance for whatsapp. Other messaging apps have long ago availed the voice calling feature for their apps. But since Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app, users have been waiting for the app to come up with the feature.

Talking about the  voice calling feature update, whatsapp has confirmed that the update will be available only on certain Android devices. The new  voice calling feature update is available for download for Android devices on Google Play store.

Voice calling feature update is available on Google Play with the version 2.11.561. Before you get too excited about the Voice calling feature update, let me tell you that the company is yet to bring about the update practically for phones.

whatsapp voice calling update

To avail the voice calling feature update, Whatsapp users will still need to have an invite for the same. The invite will be in the form of a voice call. The call should be from a whatsapp user who already has the voice calling feature update.

To check if your phone has been updated with the voice calling feature update, you can check the tabs in your whatsapp app. A new tab named “Calls” will be added to the left of chats. So with that you can confirm the voice calling feature update in your phone.

While there are many unofficial and third party voice calling feature update for whatsapp rolling out, it is advisable that users avail the voice calling feature update for whatsapp from the Play store.

There is no firm word on the voice calling feature update for other OS, but we could be patient enough for the update to reach all the operating systems.

If you already have used the new voice calling feature update, let us know with your comments, your experience with the same.