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Representing water, Virgo born people are the ones who come with great understanding of human nature. Since reliability, modesty and intelligence forms most part of their nature, they are often referred to as a down to earth individual. But it is also true that Virgo-born can be equally a joy as they can be a pain.

virgo quotes

So if you are looking for some quotes or one-liners, that best describes them take a look at these quotes. We have picked up the best of Virgo status | Virgo quotes | Status on Virgo |

Virgo status | Virgo quotes | Status on Virgo |

  1. A Virgo can feel things deeper than any other sign
  2. Virgo women do not enjoy being part time lovers.
  3. The most precise.
  4. You call it criticizing, they call it telling you the damn truth.
  5. Virgo can be very mean to lazy ass people.
  6. Masters of puns, wordplay and really lengthy detailed rants dissecting people down to the most insignificant (but hilarious) details.
  7. They have enough sense to not act a fool in public, but have the balls to get reckless if someone crosses the line.
  8. Virgos are born protectors.
  9. Virgo knows how to “go with the flow” to keep the peace but will always want things their way. Always.
  10. Once a Virgo doesn’t like you, they probably won’t ever like you again.
  11. People will assume Virgo is in a bad mood, when really Virgo is just in one of their quiet thinking moods.
  12. Virgo thinks more feels.
  13. Do not assume with Virgo,it’s better to be straight forward and direct.
  14. They notice every detail. No matter how small it is.
  15. If you meet their standards, consider yourself lucky.
  16. When a Virgo is in their zone, trying to get stuff done, Back off!
  17. A Virgo’s mind is always racing.
  18. A Virgo will leave at the first sign of bullshit.
  19. They can be the tenderest lover and the most cold enemy at the same time.
  20. They procrastinates because they obsess over little things that don’t normally bother them, making it almost impossible for them to actually focus.
  21. A Virgo can go from wild and crazy to classy and down to earth, pretty quickly.
  22. While a Virgo still knows how to have fun, they will always have a sense of dignity around them.
  23. They are good at keeping people in line and giving them a reality check.
  24. Virgos like to get all your facts straight before talking.
  25. They don’t need any drama when they have enough headaches.
  26. No matter how much a Virgo loves you, if they know you’re wrong, they will be quick to call you out on your bullshit.
  27. When it’s late at night, this sign starts to overthink.
  29. Once a Virgo clams up, it takes forever for them open back up.
  30. They are the simple people with complimented mind.

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