Valentine’s day | Valentine’s day messages | messages for valentine’s day |

So after a long wait, and the long celebrated week, the big day is here! And after all this is the way you have been waiting all the week!

And now that we have celebrated all the days, it is time for us to leave a few messages for the day of love. So if you are looking for a few lines and quotes that you can put together and drop a message for your love, then here is the right pick for you.

Valentine's day | Valentine's day messages | messages for valentine's day |

Have a look at our collection for the best Valentine’s day | Valentine’s day messages | messages for valentine’s day |

Valentine’s day | Valentine’s day messages | messages for valentine’s day |

1.Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was choice,
but falling in love with you was
completely out of my control. Happy Valentine’s day.

2. A candle may melt
and it’s fire may die,
but the love you have
given me will always
stay as a flame in my heart.  Happy Valentine’s day.

3. My love for you is like water,
Falling countless
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless.

4. When it rains, you dont see the sun, but its there.
Hope we can be like that.
We dont always see each other,
but we will always be there for one another.

5. If You Are In Love Get The Best Of It Forget The Bad Things Enjoy It Because Nothing Lasts Forever.

6. B-e with us in the circle of our love,
E-ven if by chance you are alone.
O-ur greetings we have hope your heart vwill move,
U-niting our good wishes with your own.
R-emember there are those who think of you,

V-ested in the will to be a friend.
A-s distant hills give depth to what we view,
L-et these words some grace to your day lend.
E-ach life is lived behind a sheltering veil,
N-ot lifted but for love. Yet when we will,
T-here is a wind that shifts the rampart frail,
I-nvading with sweet scent the spirit still.
N-ow may we all enjoy this fragrance fine,
E-ach each other’s secret Valentine.

7. Valentine’s day is the most easiest day to say I love you in a wonderful ay.

8. T-o my Valentine, with all my love,
O-f whom I cannot say enough in praise,
M-ay my love for you sufficient prove,
Y-earning to redeem your caustic days.

V-ortices within may drag you down.
A-nchor, then, in my serenity.
L-ove saves some who otherwise might drown,
E-mbarked alone upon their Galilee.
N-or should you deem your own love not enough
T-o be the chapel to which I retreat
I-n search of a pavilion for my pain.
N-o love is love unless it be a seat
E-nchanted, where a stone might weep again

9. Wherever I may go Whatever I do On Valentine’s Day I’d like to say I love you & I care for you more than you do.

10. Fond thoughts are coming your way;
We’ve always had a special connection. Happy valentine’s day.

11. On Valentine’s Day we think about
Those matchless people who
Give extra meaning to our lives–
The very special few.
Without them, skies would turn to gray,
Things wouldn’t be the same.

12.Life wouldn’t be as colorful,
It would be a duller game,
And when I contemplate that group–
Friends and family who are mine,
I appreciate and treasure you,
You’re essential, Valentine!

13. On Valentine’s Day, the day of affection,
My thoughts naturally turn in your direction.

I think of many things, big and small
That you’ve given to me and given your all.

You see me always in the kindest light;
You’re a glow in my life, golden and bright. Happy valentine’s day.

14. You of all the special memories I treasure.
Having you in my life is nothing but pleasure!

You’re a walking example of how to live,
How to share, how to teach, how to love, how to give.Happy valentine’s day.

15. The greatest weakness
of most humans
is their hesitancy
to tell others
how much they love them
while they’re alive.

16. Nobody Knows Me, The Way U Do.
Nobody Can Read My Eyes, The Way U See.
Nobody Can Feel My Soul, The Way U Touch.
Nobody Owns My Heart, The Way U Hold.

Nobody, But You My Love.!!

17. Loving someone doesn’t
always mean you fight for them.

Sometimes loving someone
just means letting them go.

18. We fight. .!
We sseparate . !
And then we miss each other. .

Thats love.

19. Loving you
Means that I give you my heart
My love, my whole self;
You’ll always come first
Before anything else

20. Never waste an opportunity to say I LOVE YOU
to someone you really love.
Because not everyday you meet a person
who has the magic to let you fall in love.


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