Set WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping

A biiiiig problem for girls!!! Who don’t want to use a beautiful profile picture on WhatsApp? But the problem with updated WhatsApp, one has to crop the original picture to set as the display picture or profile picture. Today I’ve come up with a tutorial as a work around to set whatsapp full size profile picture without cropping.

It’s very simple. Have you guys noticed that whatsapp asks for a square image as the profile picture? This can be done using simple steps. Here’s an app which will help you to apply this trick.

There are many apps in the play store, which can convert your picture as square sized, but I review and recommend the best app, which is genuinely installed and tested by me.

No crop:-

No crop is such a app that it will post full size photos, but also allows you to edit, add filters, fonts, templates and resize the image. Once you’ve made the changes, save the picture.











Just as No crop, this app also allows you to upload a full size square profile picture on WhatsApp. Square droid gives less functionality for editing the picture but is more friendly User Interface design compared to that of No crop.


Now, it’s your choice which one to use.

Save the picture, open whatsapp and navigate to settings > Profile > Photo > Change Photo. Set the photo you’ve saved in Squaredroid or No crop app. Tdaaa!!!! You can see your full picture as your dp (display picture) in WhatsApp.

Keep changing your profile pictures and just show off!!!