How to save audios and recordings from WhatsApp on iPhone

All the iPhone users often face a problem of not finding the audio notes or voice recordings on WhatsApp messenger which they must received few days ago. If you also fall in this category, don’t worry here I present you a tutorial to get your voice messages and audio received few days ago from your friend. With the help of this tutorial you can also save the audio & recordings at the time you receive them and can enjoy them later whenever you want to.

For this you’ll need to get WhatsApp Pocket. There are also many other facilities as well of using WhatsApp Pocket. Firstly you’ll have to save all the messages, audio from WhatsApp to your PC or Mac. No need to worry about losing all the data if you’ve pressed the delete option by mistake in WhatsApp on your iPhone. Secondly by saving them on your PC or Mac, you can watch the videos or can read the chat history in a better way. And if you want to watch the videos afterwards to have laughs with your friends and loved ones you can.

WhatsApp Pocket is very easy to operate. You don’t have to follow any complex steps to save audio notes or voice recordings or videos from WhatsApp using WhatsApp Pocket. Just few clicks are enough to get better view of videos and listen to those voice recordings or audio files.

  • Let’s have a glance on the steps to save voice messages from WhatsApp on iPhone:
  • Download WhatsApp message extractor
  • Install it on your computer
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac.


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  • Now back up you iPhone with iTunes and select the backup to scan.
  • Hit on the Resource tab, select all .aac and .m4a files and save the voice recordings onto your computer.


Done!!! Now enjoy all your recordings and videos whenever you want to. Hope this article is useful to all the readers.