Pushbullet app introduced for whatsapp

If you are wondering what this new app is, let me tell you that the new pushbullet app for whatsapp lets you mirror your whatsapp conversations and other transfers from whatsapp on your PC. In the recent past, whatsapp had brought many other ways of mirroring the conversations on PC with the whatsapp web update and ofcourse the Bluestacks one!

The pushbullet app for whatsapp is another such effort from the company to help the users mirror the app with just few easy steps.

pushbullet app for whatsapp

Pushbullet app lets you reply to whatsapp messages from your computer. The app lets users view and reply to whatsapp messages on PC. And also users can see and do file transfers between smartphone and PC.

How to usePushbullet app for whatsapp

Download the Pushbullet app for whatsapp for android from HERE.

Once you have downloaded the app on your computer, you will see your whatsapp messages on your computer appearing as a pop-up notification.

Users can easily reply to the whatsapp messages from the pop-up notification.

Another help that the app does for the users is that, the app lets you share and transfer files from your computer to your phone.

Along with the pushbullet service for the whatsapp, pushbullet is also available for many other apps like Telegram, hangouts, Facebook Messenger and line.

The new Pushbullet app for Android works on Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system and higher.

So with just a tap on your computer, you will be able to reply to your whatsapp messages and other messages without getting distracted from your work on computer.

The pushbullet app has been further updated. The new update rings a homescreen widget. The homescreen widget allows users to easily turn on and off the mirroring.

So with the Blustacks and the whatsapp web facility to mirror whatsapp on PC, it did come with some flaws here and there. With the new pushbullet app to mirror whatsapp conversations does not show up any flaw or disadvantage yet.

But we could still wait to use the new pushbullet app to know the pros and cons of the app.

So are you going to give a try for the new pushbullet app to mirror whatsapp messages on PC? Let us know with your comments.