New whatsapp update 2.12.114

Whatsapp have been receiving all the high end feature updates in the recent past. And being a long time since the update, users are looking for an update for the messaging app.

The giant messaging app is now letting out a new update for all users. As such there is no big change that the app will bring post the update.

New whatsapp update 2.12.114

According to users, New whatsapp update is come up with a very minute change for the app. Whatsapp will be running on the 2.12.114 version post the New whatsapp update.



Well so far, the only change that we have noticed after the update is that the cursor on the typing board has changed to Green color.

Compared to the earlier whatsapp updates, this New whatsapp update seems to be a bit incomplete. But we could hope to see some attractive and major changes for whatsapp in the future updates.

So what change are you expecting to have in whatsapp? let us know with your comments.

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