How to move Whatsapp conversations to new phone (Android to Android)

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging application through various platforms, such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS andothers used to replace those SMS and MMS messaging services. One would never want his/her chat history to be deleted if switching to a new phone. So here I present you how to transfer WhatsApp chat history between old and new devices on same platform i.e. Android to Android.


WhatsApp chat history is stored in different formats like as (*.crypt, *.crypt7, *.db) and various locations on various mobile platforms. The whole operation seems to be glitchy but it is actually not. You just have to follow some of my instruction and I’ll help you solve the problem in just few easy steps.

  • First of all create a backup of your conversations in WhatsApp on your old phone:
  • Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings > Back up conversations.


  • Now if you have SD card slot in your old & new android phone, use the SD card to transport WhatsApp chats.
  • Open File management tool in your old phone and check where the WhatsApp folder stored is?


  • If it is on SD card, switch off the old device and remove the SD card from it and insert SD card to new phone
  • Install WhatsApp on the new phone


  • As you’ll open WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted to restore your message history.


  • And if you’ve WhatsApp folder stored on your phones internal memory, you’ll have to transport the same internal memory location on the new phone.


  • If you’ve SD card slot on both phones, you can copy WhatsApp folder from internal memory to SD card with a file management tool.
  • You can do this by removing SD card from old phone > Pop it into new phone > copy WhatsApp folder back to internal storage > Install WhatsApp > Start WhatsApp > Restore your message history.
  • If you don’t have phone with SD card slot you can use computer instead.
  • Connect old phone via USB to computer > open internal storage > open WhatsApp folder to your computer > Connect new phone to computer > Copy WhatsApp Database folder to internal storage of new phone > Install WhatsApp > Start WhatsApp > Restore message history.

And you’re done. All your previous chat history will be moved to your new android phone. So go whatsapping!!! 🙂