Karma Quotes and Sayings | Karma Quotes |

Every single one of your actions will have an influence on your future. It may take years or perhaps even decades but life will eventually confront you with your actions. To show you how powerful both sides of the karma spectrum can be, we bring for you Karma Quotes and Sayings | Karma Quotes |

Take a look at these unique quotes and allow Karma to do his job!!

Karma Quotes and Sayings | Karma Quotes |

Karma Quotes and Sayings | Karma Quotes |



1 . “If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”

2 . “Some day people will ask me what is the key to my success… and I will simply say, “good Karma.”

3 . “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”

4 . “I do not believe in karma. However, I practice it every day because it tricks me into being a better person!”

5 . “Stop blaming others for the pains and sufferings you have. They are because of you, your karma, and your own disposition.”

6 . “If Karma is a thing, then wouldn’t wanting someone to experience bad Karma also get YOU bad Karma?”

7 . “I value and honor the way that my suffering brings me to further search and surrender.”

8 . “I heard that karma is vengeful and is also a light sleeper. So I’ve chosen to love you like this. Quietly.”

9 . “There is no amount of bad karma that can compete with a contrite spirit and God’s forgiveness.”

10 . “The purpose of karma yoga is to transcend the bondage of selfish genes through the service of others.”

11 . “But this was what happened when you didn’t want to visit and confront the past: the past starts visiting and confronting you.”

12 . “This misfortune you find is of your own manufacture. Keep hold of what you have, it will harm no other, for hatred comes home to the hand that chose it.”

13 .  “This is your karma. You do not understand now, but you will understand later. The source of pain is within your own larger expression of being.”

14 . “It is impossible to build one’s own happiness on the unhappiness of others. This perspective is at the heart of Buddhist teachings.”

15 . “Karma is a tricky thing. To serve Karma, one must repay good Karma to others. To serve Karma well, one must sometimes deliver bad Karma where it is due.”

16 . “I must have killed a lot of cows in a past life for Karma to hate me this much.”

17 . “Show a little faith in someone when they need it. It’s amazing how it comes back around to you.”

18 . “You have to be very careful when involving yourself with someone else’s karma. It can quickly become your karma too.”

19 . “Dangerous consequences will follow when politicians and rulers forget moral principles. Whether we believe in God or karma, ethics is the foundation of every religion.”

20 . “Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get?”

21 . “In other words, if you’re not motivated to be nice because of the good karma, be motivated to be nice because ultimately it saves time”

23 . “The law is simple. Every experience is repeated or suffered till you experience it properly and fully the first time.”

24 . “I want revenge, but I don’t want to screw up my karma.”

25 . “Because it is written that you reap what you sow, and the boy had sown good corn.”

26 . “Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.”

27 . “We live in a society where those that do the greatest damage to humanity and nature reap the greatest financial rewards.”

28 . “Karma is a cruel mistress.”

29 . “Dear Karma, I really hate you right now, you made your point.”

30 . “Strange things conspire when one tries to cheat fate”

31 . “Try your best… Do your best… Sow the best and reap the best! The best is right in you… Don’t hide it and give out the worst. We are looking right up to you!”

32 . “Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.”

33 . “When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.”

34 . “Put your heart into even the smallest seemingly insignificant acts possible. Then be patient enough for the universe to give back to you what you reap.”

35 . “Wait long enough and you reap what you sow. That hold for men. That hold for towns. That hold for a whole country.”

36 . “Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.”

37 . “There is a Law of Sins, and if you do not fulfill all your obligations, you will pay.”

38 . “You cannot control the results, only your actions.”

39 . “By each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

40 . “If karma doesn’t catch up, God will surely pick up the slack.”

41 . “Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another.”

42 . “Karma is not an inviolate engine of cosmic punishment. Rather, it is a neutral sequence of acts, results, and consequences.”

43 . “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

44 . Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

45 . As long as karma exists, the world changes. There will always be karma to be taken care of.

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