Jo Baka WhatsApp Status

Jo Baka is a Gujarati word and has its buzz these days in Social Networking sites on WhatsApp especially. Jo Baka is a frequently used word by Gujarati people which made its viral effect in just last few days. Jo Baka in Hindi means Dekh Bhai which is also popular among the people other than Gujaratis. All of you have seen that in recent festivals, political events and other places, people are making or inventing Funny Jo Baka Meme and Dekh Bhai Funny Cartoon Images to trolls on their friends. And as of Jo Baka we all are also a big fan of WhatsApp. All must be excited to set Jo Baka cool memes as your status and be the cool among your friends. Hope my all young friends of all Gujarati will really love this Jo Baka WhatsApp Status collection.


  1. Jo Baka Aakho divas online nai rehvanu. OR Dekh Bhai Pura din online nahi rehneka.
  2. Jo Baka Maru dp na joya karis. OR Dekh Bhai Mera dp mat dekha kar pura din.
  3. Jo Baka Nava Varsh thi khotu nai bolvanu OR Dekh Bhai Naye Saal se jooth nai bolneka.
  4. Jo Baka Maru status na vanchya kar OR Dekh Bhai Mera status nahi padhneka.
  5. Jo Baka Tu taru jo OR Dekh Bhai tu 13 dekh.
  6. Jo Baka Magaj na hoy to chalavanu nai OR Dekh Bhai Dimag na ho to bolneka nai.
  7. Jo Baka Mane disturb na karis OR Dekh Bhai Mujhe pareshaan mat kar.
  8. Jo Baka Maru dp/status copy na karis OR Dekh Bhai mera dp/status copy mat karna.
  9. Jo Baka WhatsApp ma bau privacy nai rakhvani OR Dekh Bhai WhatsApp me bohot privacy nahi rakhneki.
  10. Jo Baka Balance nathi call kar OR Dekh Bhai Balance nahi he call kar.
  11. Jo Baka Uttarayan avi to patang to chagavi j padse OR Dekh Bhai Uttarayan aai to patang to chagani hi padegi.
  12. Jo Baka Uttarayan aavi Undhiyu ne Jalebi to khavi j pade OR Dekh Bhai Uttarayan aai Undhiyu aur Jalebi to khani hi padegi
  13. Jo Baka Chinese dora pan ban che to nai vaparvano OR Dekh Bhai Chinese dore pe ban he to nahi banvaneka.
  14. Jo Baka Uttarayan aavi Chikki to khavi j pade OR Dekh Bhai Uttarayan aai to Chikki to khani hi padegi.
  15. Jo Baka Uttarayan aavi 2 divas ni raja to hovi j joie OR Dekh Bhai Uttarayan me 2 din ki chutti to honi hi chahiye.
  16. Jo Baka Valentine’s Day aavyo I Love U to bolvuj pade OR Dekh Bhai Valentine’s day aaya he I Love U to bolna hi padega.
  17. Jo Baka Valentine’s Day aavyo girlfriend/boyfriend to banavi j pade OR Dekh Bhai Valentine’s day aaya he girlfriend/boyfriend to banana hi padega.
  18. Jo Baka Board ni exam che to vanchvu to pade j OR Dekh Bhai Board ki exams he padhne de.
  19. Jo Baka Aaje 26 January che Jai Hind to bolvuj padse OR Dekh Bhai aaj 26 January he Jai Hind to bolna hi padega.
  20. Jo Baka Happy Birthday to you OR Dekh Bhai Happy Birthday to you.
  21. Jo Baka aapda jevu koi nathi OR Dekh Bhai aapne jesa koi nai.
  22. Jo Baka Navaratri ma pass mangva phone nai karvano OR Dekh Bhai Navaratri me pass mangne ko phone nahi karneka.
  23. Jo Baka prem to andhdo j hoy OR Dekh Bhai pyaar to andha hi hota he.
  24. Jo Baka exam kevi gai e nai puchvanu OR Dekh Bhai exam kesi gai esa nahi puchneka.
  25. Jo Baka bau hathoda nai marvana OR Dekh Bhai jyada hathode mat maar.

Select the faadu status and set for your WhatsApp. I’ve tried to put some more fun with Jo Baka used in the WhatsApp Status for all the friends. Jo Baka WhatsApp status to WhatsApp360 na j. 😉