Jo Baka WhatsApp Memes

Nobody must have thought that Simple Gujarati phrase “Jo Baka” will go so viral in entire Gujarat and goes on to turn to nation memes too. A group of friends from Rajkot was using this phrase to tease their friends and then they decided to create website to generate such other similar memes. Memes are very popular across Whatsapp, used to troll someone or pass a joke on someone. And as of WhatsApp, it has gone so so viral that now entire Gujarat is using this jo baka memes to advice their friends and create funny images and jokes.

Along with it, Female version of it “Jo Bakudi” and kathiawadi (Saurashtra Gujarat) version “Jo Bhura” has also made buzz. People are also using Jo Baka images to set whatsapp profile pictures and status. You can see very funny, cool, humor, annoying-cool-funny girls’, face memes on whatsapp. Now if you share attractive, funny or informative thing through “Jo Baka” meme then it can reach up to many people. This time I’ve come up with a sack full of Jo Baka memes.

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24So these were some of “Jo Baka” memes for WhatsApp. Go ahead and find your friend to tease him/her with the “Jo Baka” memes through WhatsApp.