How to sync whatsapp with iPhone contacts

You can have the best of whatsapp if you are using the same with all the features. One such feature is the whatsapp’s sync with your phone contacts. And if you own an iPhone, the setting is going to be of great use to you.

Here is our simple stepwise guide or all users to know How to sync whatsapp with iPhone contacts.

How to sync whatsapp with iPhone contacts

Many users could have initially denied whatsapp’s access to their contacts. So if you have been one of the users to do the same, here is how you can manually sync your iPhone contacts with whatsapp.

Follow the simple guide to sync whatsapp with iPhone contacts.

  1. Go to the iPhone settings from your phone
  2. From the list of options, go to the “Privacy” tab
  3. Now select the “Contacts”
  4. Here is you will see a list of apps that will need access to your contacts
  5. Now to sync your phone contacts with whatsapp, slide the tab to green on the whatsapp option

You will have to face a lot of issues using whatsapp if you have not synced your contacts with whatsapp. The basic thing what you will not be able to do is, you will see only numbers and not your contacts.

You will have to manually enter a number to start a chat. So if you wish to get free from all the hassle, make sure that your phone contacts are synced with whatsapp.

Still if you find any problem, let us know through the comments section.