How to send texts with different format on Whatsapp?

How to send text with different format on Whatsapp ?


How boring is it to send your friend texts in same old boring format! Have you ever wished that whatsapp texting format should be made fun ? If yes then, there is a good news for you, now there is a way out there through which , you can send text to your friends on whatsapp in variety of formats, to know more read the following….

First of all you have to install Text Art App for Whatsapp, which you would find on google play store. For this app you don’t have to pay a single penny. And its very easy to download.

 How To Send Text With Different Formats On Your WhatsApp

Step 1: Enter the text to send. Use the [Edit Text] button or just double-click the preview area.
Step 2: Select the preset/design that you like.
Step 3: Customize the design by changing the font from those available.
Step 4: Change the color of the new design.
Step 5: Change other layout settings: margins, aspect ratio, alignment,…

How to send text with different format on Whatsapp ?


Through this app you can , you can have fun texting experience, you can impress your friends through this app.

Please Note :

1.The preview image allows you to zoom / pan using pinch / drag.
2.Double-click on the preview image to edit the text
3.From the settings you can change the configuration of the break-lines and the size of the resulting images.
4.From your favorite chat program, click on the “clip” to attach files, select Text Art and quickly send that creative text to impress your contacts.
5.Now you can create square images to fit in the profile photo of your favorite chat app:

If you plan to download this app right now, click on the following link


Enjoy the texting experience 🙂                                          


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