How to mute whatsapp contact

Until now, whatsapp allowed us to mute texts and messages only from group chats. But I think all of us would agree to the fact that, we wanted the same feature for individual chats as well!

We so wished that whatsapp should come up with a feature that will allow the users to mute individual chats as well. So now, whatsapp seems to be fulfilling our long desired wish. The new update for whatsapp will be enabled to mute individual chat if we wish to.

How to mute whatsapp contact

After a long struggle of BETA stages and workings, the messaging app has now delivered a wonderful update for users.

The new update for whatsapp is addressed as 2.12.250. So if you see any update for whatsapp addressed with this number, you are all set to mute individual chats on whatsapp!

So for everyone wondering How to mute whatsapp contact, here is the perk for you.

Along with the awesome update for the phone, there are a few other bonuses. And if you wish to know How to mute whatsapp contact, here is the stepwise guide.

How to mute whatsapp contact

Keeping the individual whatsapp contacts on mute, will be just clicks away for users.

  1. Go to your whatsapp
  2. Now go to the whatsapp contact that you wish to keep on mute
  3. From the contact chat screen, and click on the contact name
  4. This will take you to a new screen of settings for the particular app
  5. Here is you will find the “Mute”
  6. Slide the toggle bar to mute that particular contact
  7. When you click the mute option, you will be given options as to how man hours you wish to keep the whatsapp contact on mute
  8. You can click on the desired time frame

You will then have messages from particular contact on mute. The new update is already up on the Play store and other market places for users.

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