How to mail Whatsapp conversations

Now this can be a kind of back up for your conversations!

Well not everyone of us will like to keep a back up of all the conversations. But whatsapp is well known and used by every other smartphone user. And it may happen that you probably have some of the very important conversation on whatsapp.

How to mail Whatsapp conversations

And for some reason or the other if you have to format or wipe out your phone, make sure you have a complete back up of all your whatsapp conversations.

So if you need to take a back of your whatsapp conversations there are two different ways you can do the same. You can simply choose to back up your whatsapp conversation from the inbuilt whatsapp settings.

How to backup whatsapp conversations

  1. Go to the whatsapp app
  2. Tap on the three dotted line for settings
  3. Go to the “Settings” option
  4. From the list of options there, go to the “Chat settings”
  5. Here you will see a list of options for whatsapp settings
  6. Tap on “Back up conversations” to create a back up of all your whatsapp conversations
  7. You can find your backed up whatsapp conversations from the Internal storage>Whatsapp>Backup

How to mail Whatsapp conversations

The other way, you can also choose to back up all your whatsapp conversations individually by mailing each conversation.

Here is how you can know to How to mail Whatsapp conversations.

  1. Go to the whatsapp chat that you want to take a back up of and mail it
  2. Tap on the three dotted lines on the top right corner of the screen for settings of the particular chat
  3. Select the “More” tab
  4.  From the four options there, select the “Email conversation” option
  5. Once you have selected that, you will be asked if you want a mail back up including the media or not. Choose your convenient option.
  6. You will then be directed to your mail account to mail the conversation
  7. Just enter the mail address that you want to send the whatsapp conversation to, and your whatsapp chat conversation back up will be sent to the mail id.

So with that, you will be able to mail your whatsapp conversations individually. Let us know with your com