How to keep your whatsapp dp secure

Whatsapp users are bound to change their profile picture and dp with each passing day. And ofcourse there are users who change their dp and profile picture every hour and every minute of the day.

But there is always the security that people must maintain when pictures come online. And with the number of pictures that we upload online for our profile picture and whatsapp dp, we definitely need to know of some tricks to keep them safe.

How to keep your whatsapp dp secure

In the initial days of whatsapp use, the app did not have any big security settings. Now with rising use of the app, whatsapp has updated the security settings.

And not all the whatsapp users know that they can keep their whatsapp profile picture or whatsapp dp restricted to people they don’t want.

Whatsapp users can keep their whastapp profile picture and whatsapp dp extended only to their contacts.

Well here’s a trick for all the whatsapp users to know How to keep your whatsapp dp secure.

Have a look at our stepwise guide to know How to keep your whatsapp dp secure.

How to keep your whatsapp dp secure

  1. Go to the whatsapp app on your phone from the app list or menu bar
  2. From the main chat screen of the phone, go to the three dotted line for settings
  3. From the list of settings, go to the “Privacy” tab
  4. From here, click on the “Profile photo” tab
  5. Here you will be given three options to select your audience for your profile picture.
  6. To to keep your whatsapp dp secure, select the “My contacts” option

Doing this, your profile picture will be visible only to your saved contacts. So even in cases wherein your number is out with someone, your whatsapp dp will not be visible to them until and unless you have their number saved.

Leave a comment if you know of more tips and tricks for whatsapp settings and chats.

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