How to hide your Mobile-Number on WhatsApp Group ?

How to hide your Mobile-Number on WhatsApp Group ?

Most of us do group chats in Whatsapp, but there are  friends who add us in  groups, where many unknown people are also added, and in that case , our number is revealed to people whom we don’t even know ,and that could prove to be a risky matter . This is an awesome trick which can help you to hide your phone number on Whatsapp account during group chats., thus you can feel safe even if you are added in a group with many unknown people

So here are  the Steps to hide your Mobile Number on Whatsapp group :

First uninstall the Whatsapp App from your device completely.

1) Again install the App from google play store at the time of verification .. here we need to play our main game

2) While verification it’ll ask you to verify your phone number. It automatically sends a verification message to its server. But if this happens your number gets registered with them. So block your message service. You can simply put your phone on flight mode so that all network connections are disabled. You can alternatively change the message center number.

How to hide your Mobile-Number on WhatsApp Group ?

3) Choose ‘Verify through sms’ and enter your email id and Click on send. Now Without wasting a single second, click on Cancel. This terminates the authorization process.

4) Now you have to spoof that message, for that download Spoof Text message.

5) Now go to Outbox > Copy the message details of Spoof App > send it to Spoofed Verification

6) Now a message will be sent through that spoofed number. Now that Spoofed number is visible to others instead of your original mobile number.

7) You can use these details.

To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: Enter you email id

Hope you have got the hang of it , have safe chatting !!

Note:  Sometimes later the messages will be sent to that spoofed number and it will appear to all in Group chats than to use your Original number.


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  1. Bostiqq

    So after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, will I still be able to retain my WhatsApp contacts? And will I still be present in the groups I joined?

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