How to hide last seen on whatsapp

Last seen for all messaging apps have added to the convenience of our conversation. But with the entry for the last seen feature for apps, people have got a convenient option to text the other person seeing their availability.

But I think not everyone would like to share and show their availability to their whatsapp contacts. And being that whatsapp is now at everyone’s fingers tips, every other person is there on whatsapp. And with the entry of the last seen feature for whatsapp, users could not help but let their contacts see their last seen at!

How to hide last seen on whatsapp

Whatsapp has let out many other updates for the app. All the updates for the app have added to the convenience of the users. With the latest update for whatsapp, the app had been added with a new feature.

The new feature with the app, added with a convenience for users to hide their “last seen at” from their whatsapp contacts.

The new feature would allow users to simply hide their “last seen at” from their users. So if you wish to keep your whatsapp availability private with your whatsapp contacts, then you simply choose to hide it.

Here is how you can know How to hide last seen on whatsapp.

How to hide last seen on whatsapp

  1. Go to your whatsapp app from the app list or menu bar
  2. Tap on the three dotted line for settings from the top right corner of the screen
  3. From the list of options, go to the “Settings” option
  4. This will take you to a screen with more settings option for the app
  5. Tap on the “Account” option
  6. From here go to the “Privacy” tab
  7. Here you will  a list of options to edit your privacy settings with the app
  8. To hide your last seen at, go to the “last seen” option
  9. Now select the kind of public you want to keep to see your last seen at. Select “Nobody” if you wish to hide your last seen at from everyone in your whatsapp contacts.

So doing the settings, you will have your last seen at hidden from all your whatsapp contacts.

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