How to fix wrong whatsapp message time

Many a times it can happen that the message time that whatsapp shows, and the actual time is different. Well this can end up creating hell of a confusion in your conversation. This happens because of the wrong message time set on whatsapp.

You could even miss out on important conversations and messages because of the time difference in your app.

How to fix wrong whatsapp message time

You can fix up the blunder by just doing a few settings in your app. So here is a simple tutorial for all our readers to know How to fix wrong whatsapp message time.

How to fix wrong whatsapp message time

  1. The problem with wrong whatsapp message time is that, your phone may not have been set for the right date and time for your zone. So the simple trick is to keep the date and time for your phone according to your zone
  2. Go to the settings app of your phone from the app list or menu bar
  3. From the list of setting there, go to the Date and time tab
  4. From here you can either automatically select the date and time of your particular zone

Doing that, you will have your date and time set according to your particular zone. And also you will be able to send and receive messages at their actual time.

Let us know with your comments if you know of more tips and tricks for whatsapp.

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