How to fix delay in incoming whatsapp messages

Delay in receiving the whatsapp messages is something that every whatsapp user would have faced. Well there could many reasons to your whatsapp facing delay in receiving messages. One of the reasons could be your slow internet connection.

Whatsapp may end up showing delay in receiving whatsapp messages because of the slow internet connection.

How to fix delay in incoming whatsapp messages

Here is a solution for all whatsapp users, to fix delay in incoming whatsapp messages. Have a look at our tutorial to know How to fix delay in incoming whatsapp messages.

How to fix delay in incoming whatsapp messages

1. One of the basic problem with delay in receiving whatsapp messages is that you may be having an internet connection problem. If your phone is having fluctuating internet connection, you may be receiving the messages late from senders.

You can check your internet connection by opening a web page. If the webpages work and still whatsapp doesn’t work, you can try doing the following tricks.

2. Make sure that your phone APN and router are configured properly to allow non web and socket connections.

If everything goes well with the APN and router connection, and even then your whatsapp shows delay in receiving messages, you can try checking your whatsapp notifications.

3. Another reason why you may be receiving messages late could be, you may be not receiving your message pushes from Google’s push notification service.

To fix that:

  • Reboot the phone
  • Install push notifications fixer
  • If that does not work out, delete the whatsapp app, and install the app again

Try your luck with all these tricks to fix delay in incoming whatsapp messages. If you know of any other trick to solve the problem of delay in receiving whatsapp messages, let us know with your comments.

6 thoughts on “How to fix delay in incoming whatsapp messages

  1. Henry

    Hello All,

    I tried all the suggested steps above and also the suggestions from the website below but the issue still remains for me.

    I can only receive the messages instantly when I leave my Whatsapp application open/online.

    As soon as I close it and the phone is idle for about 5 – 10 minutes, I can’t receive any notification or any Whatsapp call. I can only see them when I open the Whatsapp application again.

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

  2. Mark Suckherburg

    I got the same porblem as Henry.

    I bet stupid facebook have f*cked up whatsapp by filling it with advertising cr@p !!!


    What to do???????

  3. Linda

    I just bought a galaxy 4 and am having the same problem. It is so frustrating I feel like crying….. is a problem with the phone? A problem with the app? And who cares? I just wanna get my messages properly….. Done all the above and everything thats been recommended on line. The rest of the family have the internet supplier and do not have the problem…

  4. Zampano

    I used DisableService app to deactivate GcmService from google play services app but it messed up my notifications
    Reactivating it fixed my delay issue
    Make sure you don’t modify anything you don’t know

  5. Freeda Gillbert Post author

    There is nothing modified in the article. And there no such thing mentioned as a “DisableService app” article. Make sure you read the article thoroughly and understand whatever is written. Would appreciate no further inappropriate comments on the articles.

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