How to find saved whatsapp voice notes

It is only now that, whastapp calls have added to the benefits of talking to our whatsapp contacts seamlessly. Even earlier, the update for whastapp, with the voice notes was of great use.

With just a click, users were able to record their voice and send it across their contacts. So that was one feature that was most loved by all whatsapp users.

Even now, after the coming of whatsapp calls, people enjoy sending across voice messages and voice notes.

How to find saved whatsapp voice notes


Moreover, even for sending music files or MP3 files, whatsapp voice notes have been of great use. So be it for your own voice messages, or for your music files, whatsapp voice note is one good feature that you can make use of.

And just in case you delete your whatsapp conversations, it is going to be way too difficult for users to find the whatsapp voice messages or voice files.

So here is a simple stepwise guide for all users to know How to find saved whatsapp voice notes.

How to find saved whatsapp voice notes

  1. Go to the file manager app on your phone from the app list or menu bar
  2. From there, go to the “Internal storage” tab
  3. Scroll through the list of options and go to “Whatsapp” folder
  4. Here you will find a list of media files and attachments from whatsapp
  5. Click on the “Media” option
  6. From here, select the media file that you are searching for

So you can could be receiving an average number of voice notes and voice messages on whatsapp. But the fact is that, whatsapp users find it a bit difficult to locate the same on their phone.

And with this simple guide, users will be able to track their whatsapp voice files and voice messages in a much easier way.

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