How to change whatsapp ringtone

Whatsapp users are simply loving the whatsapp calls. The calls have become much more convenient and easier on internet.

Whatsapp calls have undoubtedly enlightened our calling experience. Calls have become all the more convenient and hassle free. All you have to make sure is that, you have an active internet pack with great speed.

How to change whatsapp ringtone

So I’m sure whatsapp users have made themselves very much comfortable with the whatsapp calls.

Coming to the ringtone for your phone, if you wish to keep a different customized ringtone for whatsapp alone, here is how you can do it.

Have a look at our stepwise guide to know How to change whatsapp ringtone.

How to change whatsapp ringtone

  1. Go to the whatsapp app on your phone from the app list or menu list
  2. Now from the main chat screen of whatsapp, go to the three dotted lines from the top right corner of the screen
  3. Now from the list of settings option, go to the “Notifications” tab
  4. Here you will find a list of notification settings for the whatsapp messages, whatsapp calls and groups.
  5. Now to change the ringtone for whatsapp, you will have to go further with the notification settings
  6. Go to the “Calls” section from the list of notifications option
  7. From here, click on the “Ringtone”
  8. Here you will be able to change the ringtone of your whatsapp calls. You can choose from your inbuilt ringtones or from your file manager

So with that you will be able to change the ringtone for your whatsapp calls.

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