How to change profile picture on whatsapp

If you are just new to whatsapp, then let me give you a warm welcome to the giant messaging app! Regardless of your operating system, whatsapp serves you with all the best features needed for a messaging app.

Whatsapp is the one popular messaging app that you can find with every other smartphone user. The only reason behind this is the easy to go use for the app.

How to change profile picture on whatsapp

Whatsapp lest you keep your own display picture or profile picture. This lets your whatsapp conatcts recognize you more easiliy. Adding on to it, whatsapp gives you an option to keep and update your status for the app.

So if you are just new to the app, and if you are looking for a tutorial to know How to change profile picture on whatsapp, here is our stepwise guide that can help you out with the same.

How to change profile picture on whatsapp

  1.  Go to the whatsapp app from the app drawer or menu list
  2. Tap on the three dotted line for settings from the top right corner of the app screen
  3. From the list of options there, tap on “Settings”
  4. You will be directed to a new screen of settings for the whatsapp app
  5. From the list of options there, tap on the “Profile”option
  6. From here, you can change the profile picture or the whatsapp dp.
  7. Click on the pencil editing icon to select and change the whatsapp dp from your gallery
  8. Crop and confirm your new whatsapp dp or whatsapp profile picture

So doing that, you will have your whatsapp dp or profile changed with few easy steps. This is how you will appearing on the whatsapp contact list of your friends.

You could probably see error loading whatsapp dp or whatsapp profile picture, if you do not have proper network for the internet. So make sure you have enough network to change the whatsapp dp or profile picture.

If you have any queries regarding whatsapp settings, let us know with your comments.