How to block whatsapp contact on windows

Blocking your whatsapp contact is one of the easiest way to ignore people bothering you on whatsapp.

Blocking your whatsapp contacts will no longer allow them to see your whatsapp status or profile picture. Well there are two different ways where in you can block your existing whatsapp contact. And you can make sure that they don’t bother or disturb you without your knowledge.

How to block whatsapp contact on windows

So here is a simple stepwise guide for all Windows users. If you own a phone running on the Windows OS, here is how you can simply block a whatsapp contact.

How to block whatsapp contact on windows

If you are receiving unwanted messages from an unknown number, here is how you can block an unknown number on whatsapp.

  1. Open the whatsapp chat of the unknown number that you wish to block.
  2. Click on the three dotted lines on the top right corner of the chat screen
  3. Now from the list of options there, go to the “Block” option
  4. Tap “Yes” to confirm blocking the number

Follow the stepwise guide to block a whatsappp contact on your windows phone. Here is how you can know How to block whatsapp contact on windows from the settings:

  1. Go to the whatsapp app from your phone’s ,enu list
  2. From the main chat screen of whatsapp, go to the three dotted lines for settings from the top right corner
  3. This will take you to a new screen of settings for whatspp
  4. From here, scroll through the list of options and go to “Contacts”
  5. Now go to the “Blocked contacts” tab
  6. Click on the “+” icon to add a contact that you want to block in whatsapp

If you want to block a whatsapp contact directly from the chat screen:

Go to the three dotted lines from the top right corner, Block> Yes.

So doing that, you can easily have your unwanted whatsapp contacts and numbers blocked.

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