How to add whatsapp contact to homescreen

Our significant other contacts are always at our fingertips on our phone. In our phones, it all started with a feature to add our favorite contacts to our list. With added improvement for Android phones, users are having the ease to save their favorite contacts in a different tab.

And with all the recent upgrades in the operating system for Android, users are now able to add their favorite contacts to homescreen.

So if you are having some of your unique contacts on whatsapp, then you will be probably thinking to save these favorite contacts in a easier way.

Here is a way you can save your whatsapp contacts to homescreen. This will not just have the whatsapp contact, but you can have easy access to the particular chat of your whatsapp contact.

How to add whatsapp contact to homescreen

Have a look at our simple step wise guide to know How to add whatsapp contact to homescreen.

How to add whatsapp contact to homescreen

  1. Go to the whatsapp app from your phone’s app drawer or menu list
  2. From the app, click on the second icon from the top right corner to go to your whatsapp contact list
  3. Scroll though the list and select the contact that you wish to add a shortcut to your homescreen
  4. Open the chat of your desired whatsapp contact
  5. Go to the three dotted line for settings from the top right corner of the screen for settings
  6. Tap on the “More” option
  7. This will take you to another list of options for the app
  8. From the list of options tap on the “Add shortcut option”
  9. The particular whatsapp contact will be added to the homescreen of you phone

Now from here you will have direct access to your whatsapp contact and whatsapp chat from the homescreen. You will not have to go to the app to send an immediate text to the contact.

Let us know with your comments if you know of more tips and tricks for whatsapp.