How to get WhatsApp on tablet?

WhatsApp is one such messaging app one can’t stay away from. It’s hard to not check my WhatsApp at least once an hour, it is so damn addictive! Any smart phone at this hour is incomplete without WhatsApp but unfortunately, tablets do not support WhatsApp by default. But there are work a rounds, you just have to bend your finger a bit.


So this time I’ve came with a new tricky article on how to get WhatsApp on your tablet? Without any rooting or without any glitches. But firstly let me tell you that you can’t run the same WhatsApp number from your tablet as well as that on your cell phone. As far as my common sense goes, you would not require tow devices running the same WhatsApp number, you can keep running the devices the one with you are going to keep with you the whole day. So here’s how to actually run the app on your tablet:

  1. Download the apk file of WhatsApp from here and transfer it to your SD card.
  2. Now, go to Settings >> Security on your tablet.
  1. Next, you need to check on the box which says “Unknown Sources” under Device Administration.
  2. Now navigate back to the apk file and install WhatsApp on your tablet by tapping on it, it will automatically start the process.

Bravo!!! Now pat yourself as WhatsApp will start running on your tablet. Here comes the tricky part of by passing the WhatsApp verification code. Just enter your usual number and WhatsApp will send you a message code on the phone number you’ve entered.



Now, just enter the verification code you got on your phone number into the tablet.




Voila!!! Your tablet runs WhatsApp now. Of course this means your phone won’t be running the app anymore, but as I told you earlier, you need only one device at a time. In future, you can change your number on any one of the device.