Get well soon SMS | Get well messages | Get well soon status

Medicines don’t always heal. Well sometimes we have to be a little more thoughtful than just taking care of the person with medicines and treatment.

And along with all the care and love, if it goes through a small text or message. Nothing like. So if you are looking for some messages or status that you can use for someone you love, and is going through sickness, here are some bets picks.

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Have a look at our collection for the best Get well soon SMS | Get well messages | Get well soon status.

Get well soon SMS | Get well messages | Get well soon status

1. I heard that you are in the hospital. I hope they release you soon because we need you more than they do!

2. It’s been so nice seeing you every day, with your humor and kindness, but it has been so sad not seeing you. Being ill and out of commission is hard on anyone. Everyone here sends best wishes for your health and healing. Take all the time you need to get well, and know that, when you return, there will be many happy faces waiting to greet you.

3. Get well soon! Everyone here misses your contagious smile. Nothing has been the same since you became ill. No one tells a joke like you do, so please hurry and get well fast!

4. Get well soon! Your family and friends miss you a lot, and look forward to your return. We all send our best prayers to you, and want you to know that you are greatly missed! So, take good care and return to us soon.

5. I suffer as you suffer. Let’s face it together and fight it out. Get well soon, my dear.

6. I heard about your sickness yesterday, and I want to let you know that I miss you and wish you a quick recovery. Know that I am really praying for you.

7. Your absence is hurting me, my friend. I can’t wait see you feeling well, and I know many others are praying for your quick recovery as well, and longing for the day you will come back home.

8. People here are missing you so much, especially your kindness and humor. Please recover quickly from your illness. We are praying for you day and night, friend.

9. I was so sorry to hear that you were taken to hospital last night. Let me convey my best wishes for a quick recovery from your illness, my friend.

10. Get well soon, so you can once again experience all the fun and delight that life has to offer!

11. Best wishes. I hope that you’re back in the swing of things very soon.

12. Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health.

13. Look outside: the sun is shining, and it’s telling you to get well soon.

14. The little flowers are rising and blooming; it’s the world’s way of saying, “get well soon.”

15. From dawn to dusk, I pray for your quick recovery and good health.

16. May you be blessed with good health and a quick recovery.

17. Cheer up! We want to see you fit and well very soon.

18. Get well soon, so you can resume bringing brightness and delight into our lives!

19. I will continue praying for your good health and speedy recovery.


 20. Say goodbye to that bout of bad health, and get well soon.It’s terrible to see you so unwell! Get well soon! I know I’ll be delighted when you do, and I’m sure you will too!

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