Funny busy whatsapp status

Let go off all your typical busy status! Tell people you are a bit caught up with things, but in a funny way. So the next time when you put up your busy status, make sure that you don’t sound arrogant!

Funny busy whatsapp status


So here is our list of the best  Funny busy whatsapp status.

Funny busy whatsapp status

1. Bed, bed, and beyond.

2. Out having a life..other than facebook.

3. Hello. I am either away, otherwise indisposed or simply don’t want to talk to you.

4. If I throw a stick will you leave?

5. To be continued….

6. I am not here. if you want to call my cell phone, buy me a cell phone.

7. I” be back in 5 minutes. If I’m not back by then, I’ll be longer.

8. I’m spending some quality time with my pillow… be back in the morning

9.  I am not here right now. leave a message at the dot .

10. (Your screenname) is not here right now…but if they were… wouldn’t that be awesome?

11.  Send message at your own risk.

12. My lawyer has told me to reply “no comment” as to my current whereabouts.

13. You just missed me, AIM better next time.

14. I went dat way —–>

15. Don’t bother clicking my name!

16. I’m busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?

17. Don’t wake me up. I’m studying!

18. Because everyone’s busy updating their own.

19. I am not available because I am playing games with your mind. Think about that one.

20. I’m in the bathroom because I’d rather put up with my crap than yours.

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