How to fix WhatsApp Crashes

Many of the users have claimed that WhatsApp closes automatically in Android or iPhone, when they try to open a chat or a group chat. Some other scenarios are like after updating 8.1/8/7/6, when loading earlier messages, while opening contact, when opening chat, etc. can happen when you want to install or use WhatsApp on your device. So how to fix WhatsApp crashes? In this article I’ve come up with some of the solutions to fix the Whatsapp crashes issues.


How to fix the WhatsApp crashes in iOS 8.1/8/7.1/7

Below given are the solutions most of the WhatsApp users usually try when the WhatsApp crashes on their devices. Pick out one of them to solve your whatsapp crack issue according to your platform. This article also includes problems like forced close on iOS, to fix whatsapp crashing for Android phone.

  1. Reinstallation of WhatsApp

One of the easiest way to recover WhatsApp when crashed on your cell phone, no matter it is iPhone, Android, Windows or BlackBerry supported phones, is to delete or remove the whatsapp program and do a fresh installation. It may erase all your chat history, so don’t forget to have backup for you iPhone whatsapp.

  1. Make Facebook adjustment on iPhone

If your iPhone whatsapp crashes all of a sudden just after installing the latest Facebook app and enabled contact sync between your phone Address Book and Facebook app. To solve this crash problem, you need to disable Facebook sync and Facebook photo sync.

Open Facebook > Friends > Sync > Adjust settings.

And if still the problem continues, when you are trying to have a chat with a specific contact, delete the picture of that contact from iphone address book.

  1. Update to the latest Android Version on Android Phone While WhatsApp crashes

WhatsApp crashes on start up due to a bug in Android, which causes WhatsApp could not be installed in Android Run Time. It’s very much easy to fix this issue, you just have to update your latest Android OS.

  1. Restart WhatsApp app for so many times

Try to restart your WhatsApp app for several or even more than that of times when it crashes either on your iPhone or Android.

  • Close your WhatsApp application from the task bar.
  • Open WhatsApp and wait to load. Close it again.
  • Repeat the above given steps for many times until you relaunch WhatsApp and it works normally.

Now you can successfully fix the WhatsApp crash issues. And if you have any other problems or queries do share with me in your comment. So enjoy using whatsapp without any trouble.