Facebook integration with whatsapp to come soon

Its been over a year since the big giant social app has been hinting to combine its sources with whatsapp. Rumors have it that Facebook has been trying from a long time to include a new feature for its Android app. Apparently the new feature for the Android app will include the first major integration of whatsapp.

Also with the earlier news and rumors for the update, Facebook is said to have the new update soon. Back in 2014, Facebook was all in news for taking over the big giant messaging app. Following up with that, Facebook has been hinting to give a new update for the app that lets users have a new function to the app.

Talking about the new Facebook update, the company has been trying to integrate whatsapp with the Facebook app for Android users.

Facebook integration with whatsapp

The new Facebook integration with whatsapp lets users have a new “Send” button for the Facebook app just like whatsapp does.

So with the new  Facebook integration with whatsapp, let’s get to know a little more about the update.

Going with the reports, the new “Send” button for Facebook is a part of the status actions buttons that appear under each status update.

Well apart from this, the new update comes with another added feature. And also there is another one good reason why whatsapp holds an importance for the update.

Apparently, Facebook is working harder for the integration with whatsapp. It seems that the new Facebook integration with whatsapp will include the ability to send messages between Facebook messenger and whatsapp.

Facebook integration with whatsapp adds with a new button for the update. The new button appears on the right side for some users.

On practical terms, there seems to be no much difference in the working of either of the apps. But it seems that the big social app gives it a first go for connecting the two big platforms.This in turn will help the apps to cope with the growth and control the messaging market together.

Do you think the Facebook integration with whatsapp will create a major difference for whatsapp. Let us know with your comments.