How to Delete WhatsApp Contacts

Technology is a double-edge sword. How? Let me explain, it brings convenience for some whereas frustration for others. And on the other hand WhatsApp has become the most popular multi-platform chatting application and has replaced all of you traditional text messages. However, a time may come across when you want to delete a contact from WhatsApp, but WhatsApp doesn’t offer that option. Don’t panic, here you’ll find step by step instruction on how to delete a contact from WhatsApp below.


If you’re an addictive user of WhatsApp just like me than you must be knowing that WhatsApp itself loads all the contact which are on WhatsApp from your phone contact list. And this is the only reason why there’s no way to delete a contact directly from WhatsApp. So if you want to delete a contact from WhatsApp you’ll have to remove the contact from your phone’s contact list.

Hence to do this, just install the call app and find the contact you want to delete from WhatsApp.


Hit on the name of the contact from the top. Now tap on the vertical three dots on the top right, you’ll find an option for “Delete”. Click on “Delete” option to delete the contact from your device. Tdaaa!!! The contact will be removed from your WhatsApp permanently. That’s all was you need to do. And if you can still see the contact on your contact list, it’ll be just because of the chats that you have had in the past. So delete the chats, simply tap and hold that contact on WhatsApp and hit “Delete Chat.”

And yet you don’t want that particular person to message you on WhatsApp, simply block that contact. To block a contact, tap and open the screen in which you message him/her. From here, tap on the “More” button on the top right side. Use the “Block” option to block that contact.