Christmas Eve status for whatsapp

As we draw closer to the Christmas day, here is what people will be searching for. Before users get on with their wishes and greetings on their status, I’m sure they will be looking for some status and quotes to put up on Christmas eve.

Christmas 2015 wishes images for whatsapp

So here is a list of quotes and status that you would wish to put up on your whatsapp status! Have a look at our collection for the best Christmas Eve status for whatsapp.

Christmas Eve status for whatsapp

1.The 1st 6 letter in the word Christmas is the most important for our lives

2. Christmas is more of giving, rather than taking

3. Unwrap the joy, love and happiness

4. I always dream of Christmas eve, for each and every night.

5. Christ is the reason for this awesome day.

6. Brace yourselves, Christmas statuses are ready to come.

7. Christmas is not at all about gifts, but being around the people you love the most.

8. May Christ fill your home with love, hope and happiness.

9. Today is all about opening our hearts, not gifts actually.

10. I will remember this day throughout the year. Happy Christmas to one and all.

11. Santa Claus is so intelligent. He visits people for only once

12. One cannot buy love and happines from store, as we buy gifts and cakes

13. Happy Christmas, from my status to everyone out there

14. Don’t buy too many gifts, too many prayers is more good

15. Share the joy and warmth of this day to everyone you know in this world

16. Am not a Santa Claus. But nothing should stop you from sitting on my lap

17. 4 phases of life. First you believe in Santa, then you don’t, then you are Santa and finally you just look like Santa

18. Has finally found their Christmas spirit… in the shape of a bottle

19. is doing last minute Christmas…Please stand clear

20. on my diet I am cheating- fa la la la la..

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