Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

The very first idiot with whom we have the love and hate relationship is with our brother. But probably they are the one person to whom we look upto in any situation. And there is no one day that we can be in peace without them!

So as the special day for our brother arrives, here is a list of quotes for them that you would be looking for. Have a look at our collection for the best of Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

1. Brother for sale. I love my sister.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

2. Because I have a brother I’ll always have a friend.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

3. As we grew up, my sisters acted like they didn’t care, but i always knew they looked out for me and were there.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

4. There is no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

5. There can be no companion better than a brother and there can be no friend better than a sister.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

6. This princess is guarded by a big brother.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

7. Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

8. It takes two men to make one brother.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp9. A brother shares childhood memories and grown up dreams.

Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

10. What makes a brother sister relationship special is the way each one remembers the other when they are apart. They miss the talks, the times we spent together. Life changes memories don’t. Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp


70 thoughts on “Brother-sister quotes for whatsapp dp

  1. Neha Pawar

    I like my brother too much …he is very intelligent person…looking like a hero don..he is very my life there is no better friend like a brother & there is no better brother like u my dear broooooooo ..that’s why 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you I LOVE U 2

  2. safnaiqbal

    I can always hear “siz…”from every crowd.
    My brthrz…..whom I luv de most….
    God I m de only siz for them to luv nd I m de only siz to luv them….nvr break thiz…..

  3. abi2bala

    I love my brother so much in the world he is my next daddy,I love my brothers so much,ennoda Anna tambi 2 perume en uyire ivnga illama en life illa

  4. c m Amrutha kashyap

    really nyc dp m status love u lot brooooo….c’t imagine a day without u…love u love u love u

  5. Aishwarya

    I have no own brother but I miss my brothers who I got in fbbb….brothers having sisters is really greatt

  6. Divyashree. M

    My brothers are simply awesome.Dear brothers, one day even the sun may run out of energy but my love for you guys will last forever. Love u all a lot…..

  7. chandu

    Iam very thankfull to god for giving me sisters like sona nd sneha i love my sisters treat everyone as ur sister

  8. Sushree

    Awesome…I love my bro so much… Love u cutu😘😘…there is no love like the love from a brother..he is a super hero…I’m very much lucky to having u Cutu…

  9. neelakumar

    My love happy peace joy smile feeling affection care everything my brother….. only…. hes not actuly my own brother…. bt hereafte till my life ends… he oly b my awesom lovly brother forever…. I love u success….

  10. Sugeetha

    Really I love these quotes…I dont have own brother…but there is someone for me to be like my bro and my friend….I pray god for his goodwill…

  11. Jesi

    Brothers are always awsome that too being my brother is the toughest thing but still he does it in a awesome manner.i hv necer told u this truth that i love u so much than anybody in this whole universe but u r nxt to dad.

  12. Pûñît Parmar

    what a great though yaar.. I love all though about brother and sister. I love my small sister because we Sher every moment of our life.. and Sher every problem .. love you my sister kashish.

  13. alekya

    I love my bro .bcz he is my heart . I can’t. Tell how much l love him . he loves me, he advice me,he take care of me .totaly he is every thing i love u so much “lallu” my swt thamuduuuuuu

  14. alekya

    I love my brother . i thank god bcZ god give very cute brother for me. He is my frnd. He is every thing . he loves. He advice s, he take care of me …

    Love u “lallu” my swt brother

  15. Bhupendra

    My little sister Sonam is very lucky. I love my little sister forever. My sister is my best frnd.

  16. shradhda Yadav

    I love u bro…my bro is my best hero…&he take care of me……missss uuu bro…..
    love u bro…………….

  17. Arshi

    Lv my bro more than he lvs me…cz I know he lvs me more than I lv him…😘
    Love u kunwar sa

  18. Arshi

    Lv my bro more than he lvs me…cz I know he lvs me more than I lv him…
    Love u kunwar sa

  19. shubham gaonkar

    Because angels are sometimes busy elsewhere, god created sisters like my all sisters….

  20. ash

    Really nice…..i love uuu broooo….i cant imGing mi withaout uuuu……misss uuuuuu…

  21. Diya

    My bro dinu is happy maker in ur life…he is one nd only Becon of my life,,,😉😉I’m very proud because I’m dinu’s sis

  22. Lavanya

    My brother is God gift for me…
    I cont explain how much I love him in words..
    I never remember him!!! Boc I never think of forgetting him..
    Love u a lot bro😘

  23. sneha kataria

    I love so much my both brothers Rahul &Gaurav .you are very – very special 4 me. Love u dear bro’s


    Nothing in this world is better than having a sister god give me little sis more precious than gold..i love u sis prome….


    I love my sis prome ..she is special for me..
    Sis you are the most precious gift sent by god…i love you a lot bun…

  26. shikha

    I love my brother because he is best gift i have ever given by god and i thank god 4 giving me a special brother like him…
    No one in this whole universe can take the place of my brother…

  27. n.sri

    Iam very thankfull to god for giving me sisters like suji and maduri ilove my sisters treat everone as ur sister

  28. n.sri

    I love my small sister because we sher every moment of our life…and sher every problem.. Love you my sister madhuri

  29. pavithraa magesh

    i cannot imagine without my brother magesh. becoz he is my life. i cannot live without my next father. my brother love is greater than my love. i dont say miss u bro becoz u always be with meeeee… luv uuuuuu

  30. Anshu kumawat

    I have the world”s best gift as my daadu….nd he alway raedy to do every thing 4 me …jst because of my uh bhai…😘

  31. chandbi patel

    Its not important that brother and sister should belong from a same family, its relationship which gives importance to a two things” love” and “care ” which binds them more than a blood relation.

  32. uv prasi

    i love my brothers….. yuva prasi…. they are my soul….. i like to always with u only dal…. i have no wrds 4 ur affection….. live u so much brot’s…..

  33. shannuma

    Anna u r always in my heart, no matter whether we apart from each other but still I love u my brother Sri


    I love my brother……I can’t live without my brother , I have the best gift that is my brother .he is my best friend & he is everything to me………….I love my bro tooo my much…..thanks god because he gave me best gift for me…………my brother…..I love you da kutty bro……………..he is my life…………….smile……….baby

  35. Jyoti

    I love my bro…..not my real bro….but cares for me more than real nd luves me more than his own sis… u bhaiya… entire life…

  36. rajkumar

    I sister bcas she is always supporting and enckaraged in poitively but my sister have a great wonder for me. Once again I love u so.much SANDYA

  37. jonasan

    I love my brother tooooo much….he is my best gift god gave me.he is my sweet kutty…I love my brother forever.he is my life…….I misss my brother too much….I will do anything for my brother….I can’t live without my brother kutty….kutty I love you….

  38. Mumthas Munnoos

    I lv my swt brthrs…imthi&appu…!i hv no father there r no give me the sadns.. MY brthers’s vry intellgnt&vry hardwrkng persons..there r gve me a gud husbnd and a happy life..! I love my brothers…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. praveen Kumar

    I love my sis. She is my world. She is my soul. She is my heart. She is everything for me. I love you sis. I love you so much. I can’t tell about how much I love you. Love u nive

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