Best Whatsapp Status and Quotes for Childhood Memories

I do agree the idea that the most joyful time for every person without any doubt would be their childhood. Since people are different in many areas, they may have different opinions about the reasons; however, I believe that childhood is the happiest time because first children at that age do not have any special responsibility, and second they are children and their mind and the way they think completely different from teenagers and adults. In other words, their minds are free. We often get reminded of our childhood days, and get nostalgic, we wish to express our feelings, but then don’t get words to express them.

Best Whatsapp Status and Quotes for Childhood Memories

This article is for those who are falling short of words, to express their childhood memories, following are  some of the best Childhood memory quotes.

1) “Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”

2) “Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?”

3) “Never stop screaming, playing and laughing, it’s part of our childhood wich will always be with us.”

4) “The wonders of a child can only be understood by the child.”

5) “Sometimes you have to travel back in time, skirting the obstacles, in order to love someone.”

6) There should be a special TV channel for all those old cancelled cartoons.

7) There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.

8) Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows

9) Sweet childish days, that were as long
As twenty days are now.

10) Childhood: the period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth — two removes from the sin of manhood and three from the remorse of age.

11) We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.

12) Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.

13) Childhood is a promise that is never kept.

14) Childhood is the fiery furnace in which we are melted down to essentials and that essential shaped for good.

15) There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.

16) When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood.

17) In childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking out. In memories of childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking in.

18) Did you know that childhood is the only time in our lives when insanity is not only permitted to us, but expected?

19) If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.

20) I’d give all wealth that years have piled,
The slow result of Life’s decay,
To be once more a little child
For one bright summer day.

21) It is never too late to have a happy childhood.

22) What we remember from childhood we remember forever — permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen.

23) The childhood shows the man
As morning shows the day.

24) To trade a childhood wonder for a plausible explanation — is there a worst trade one makes in life?

25) In the happiest of our childhood memories, our parents were happy, too.

26) And I leave the children the long, long days to be merry in in a thousand ways, and the Night, and the trail of the Milky Way to wonder at…

27) I had always thought that once you grew up you could do anything you wanted — stay up all night or eat ice cream straight out of the container.

28) All any child needs is the protection of loving parents and an alternative source of information.

29) Childhood is that wonderful time of life when all you need to do to lose weight is take a bath.

30) The older I grow the more earnestly I feel that the few joys of childhood are the best that life has to give.

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  1. Priyakant shah

    Childhood !!!! No one can describe in a single word but can feel the memory in a second of time.

  2. Laxman Kumar

    Waòòooo….childhood is the best memorable part of life…&it can’t express, only it can feel….

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