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joke sports(5) Now while IPL season is going on, you may like to send some jokes or memes abut it to your  friends. So here are some awsomes jokes on IPL for you, forward them to your friends…  Giggle and Enjoy 🙂

1) Sholay ki team ne IPL mein hissa liya

Gabbar k Bowlers ne 20 over me 350 Run diye& us mein 200 runs extra thay.


Btao Q


Wicket keeper Thakur tha….


2)  The IPL is like a crazy ex-girlfriend. You never want to see her again, but you still check her        Facebook status when no one is looking

3)   The most sad part of IPL getting over, Soooryavansham back on set max everyday :’(

4) Pappu: Papa agar cricket mein kisi player ko kam dikhne lag jaaye toh uske sath kyaa karte       hain?

Papa: Beta, usse umpire bana dete hain..

5) Political Parties IPL Team 2021

BJP Bandits

Congress Cobras

Samajwadi Strikers

CPM Challengers

Trinamul Tigers etc..


6) Exam should be like IPL.

Timing should be 1 hour

No invigilators in exam for first 15 min

Cheer leaders dance after every right answer

Bolo IPL Ki Jai!!!

7) After watching IPL match

Guard: Gentleman Match is over now why are you still watching the pavilion

Pappu: Actually I am waiting for Highlights

8) The Indian Premier League is a professional league for T20 Cricket competition

Request forf this IPL – “Umpireji Boundry Ki line ek bilaang choti kardo”

9) Rajnikanth in IPL

Climax :

1ball ,23 runs needed to win .

Bowler bowls

Rajni hits.

Ball split in 4 pieces

All pieces go for 6’s

Chennai wins!

Yenna Rascala !!

10)  IPL team of computer engineers

1 Rajsthan recursion

2 Kolkata node riders

3 Mummbai implicants

4 Delhi dragging

5 Chennai super computers

6 Royalstack Bangalore

11)  If you think your job is sad, just think of the guy,

who has to play the drum,

each time,Navjoth singh sidhu cracks a joke in

IPL Extra Innings.

12)  IPL meets Bollywood
The Mumbai Indians have used a new player this season and his name is Aditya Tare.

One day, in a match with KKR, Aditya was hit by a bouncer and he fell on the ground.

Guess what people began to shout upon seeing this?

‘Taare Zameen Par!’

13) After watching Saif spoiling entire IPL ceremony

Kareena was like………

whose Saif ?  Kaun Saif?

Main Saif ko nahi jaanti !!

14) Q. Who has the easiest job in the IPL touring party?
A. The guy who removes the red ball marks from the bats.

15) Judge:Your parents are divorced. You want to be with mom?
Kid:She beats me
Kid:He beats me too. I wanna be with IPL KKR Team, they never beat anybody

16) IPL- Competition wher 9 teams fight with each other to play with Chennai Super Kings in           the finals.

17) Sachin’s Son: Mom, look here dad hitting sixers all the way.

Mom: Son, that is boost advertisement.IPL team of computer engineers

18) Q. Why don’t IPL fielders need pre tour travel injections?
A. Because they never catch anything.
19) Lalit Modi was surrounded

       by Preity, Shilpa, Katrina, Deepika
but now is surrounded
by the IT officials.
He has gone from the
Axe Effect to
the Tax Effect.
20) What is similarity between IPL and Ramdev’s anshan?
Both are fixed! – See more at:            for-whatsapp-and-facebook/#sthash.cKMSs3xJ.dpuf

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