Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Today’s smart phone world considers WhatsApp as ‘The God’ of all messaging apps, there is no such app as WhatsApp. Am I right? Or Am I right? Now a days all of your phone is constantly ringing with the whatsapp ring. But after the taking over of WhatsApp by Facebook, the messaging app as spread many scrambles among Whatsapp addicted people are in the race to find its best alternatives in the market place. We have brought to you some of the best whatsapp alternatives.

  1. Line


Line allows you to make video calls, ping your friend family and make a call for free! This app allows you to do it all! One of the Japanese inventions which also has some cute & cuddling stickers. Though I can say Katrina Kaif to be more responsible for Line’s popularity (You see we Indians are really touchy when it comes to Bollywood), this app has a great user base with almost 480 million users throughout the globe! Your mobile no. is safe with line just as many other messaging applications. In the race of popularity, it is only one year older Whatsapp.

  1. WeChat


Production of China, WeChat is making a round throughout the globe with its strong user base. The most attractive feature of this app is ‘Moments’, one’s personal images stream. You may not believe but WeChat is available in 20 different languages. For a whatsapp user like me, this app seems a bit gawky. But it is developing on a fast rate so make sure you do not forget to witness WeChat’s evolution. Yet it gives a wild competition to Line but Line has a better user base than of WeChat.

  1. Viber


Viber is one of the best messaging and free calling apps. Believe me once I installed the app it is just so mind blowing. You can do calling just for free; tell me who’s going to give you such a facility. It was developed in the country Cyprus and now it’s spread across the world. Viber has great UI, HD sound quality calls and yes the most important quick chat and much much more! Viber is out now with its newer version of making calls on non-Viber phones and even on landlines at cheaper rates. Not as such as Line and WeChat but Viber also has a quite strong user base over the world.

  1. Hike


It’s time to Hike up your life with another good messaging app from the shores of India. This app’s users have really seen ‘hike’ from the time the new version is available. The previous version was a bit glitchy. Yes, the newer updates have helped but it is still not on the same parameters with that compared to above. Stickers are the one good feature. The app as a whole is a good package and also quite popular among the Indian Android Users.

  1. Nimbuzz


Again another app from my so called hometown Gurgaon, India which has been around for the longest time and made a debut in 2006. It is a reliable and easy to use app just as WhatsApp but with calling facility. Nimbuzz also allows you to connect your contacts and information for Twitter and Facebook page. HD quality of sound is another great feature. App gets better and better with every up-gradations.

These were some best messaging apps according to me. So now it’s your time to be wise and choose wise. Get the best for your phone and just go texting….