Best Jokes For Maggi Ban On Whatsapp

Best Jokes For Maggi Ban On  Whatsapp


Maggi lovers have been penning odes on social media and bidding goodbye to their beloved noodles that filled their empty stomachs during ‘tough, penniless times’, boosted their culinary skills, brought families together and even affirmed their individuality.A controversy over the popular noodles brand in the country broke after food safety inspectors in Uttar Pradesh ordered recall of a 2,00,000-pack batch of Maggi following spot checks which showed elevated levels of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead 17 times above the permissible limit.

After disbelief, anger, sadness and nonchalance expressed by Maggi lovers or Nestle haters, People on  Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other social sites  have now made the two-minute snack the butt of their jokes. Any why not , isn’t it fun to share jokes on these site … So here are the funniest of Maggi ban jokes, read laugh and share 😉

Top 30 Ban Maggi Jokes On Whatsapp :

1) Bhikari : Khane ko kuch de do bahen…
Bahen : 2 Minutes roko bhai..

Bhikari : Bhago bhai maggi bana rahi hai..


2) Boy- I Love u…

Gal – but I don’t love you…

Boy – agar kal tum ne mujhe i love you nahi kaha to…

Gal – to kya karo ge? 😐

boy – to main Maggie kha k apni jaan de dunga…

3) मोदीजी ने कहा था …..
ना खाऊंगा ..ना खाने दूंगा !!
लगता है उन्होंने ‘मैगी’ से
शुरुआत कर दी है ।

4)  After ban on MAGGI
90% girls on Matrimonial site
removed ” Cooking ”
as Hobby / Expertise…

5) BREAKING: Japan to import 2 million high-lead Maggi packets to use as nuclear radiation shields

6) Things to avoid with reasons:
Maggi – Lead in it
Cola – Cleaning chemical in it
Smoking – Nicotine in it
Relationship – GF in it

7) Feels sorry for engineers, the hottest thing they could have on their bed at 2am was maggi.

8) NSUI opposes Maggi Ban, accuses Modi govt of trying to destroy education institutions

9) Now only Baba Ramdev can save this country if he come up with a

new healthy product “Divya Maggi” to get rid of all the lead from Your body.

10) Never date a girl named Maggi. She might misLead you.

11) After Maggi, the health ministry should now ban Lays chips for high content of air in packets.

12)  Friend: “I’m hungry”

Me: “Maggi bana le”
F: “Pagal hai? Maggi is poisonous”
Me: “There’s nothing else”

hal fir ek cigarette hi pila de”

13) If maggi is in a race it will always win. Why?

Coz it has the LEAD

14) Dekh Bhai – Do minute me banane wali Maggi, hsme 30 saal se bana rahi thi

15) Sadly, someone sued Amitabh Bachchan for endorsing Maggi…..instead of suing him for having a son like Abhishek Bachchan

16) According to some journalists Maggi and Modi both are dangerous for India.

Why? Coz both start with M and end with i

17) Why this Gujarati woman “maggi ban” is trending for last couple of hours!

18) Only thing which my wife can cook is “Maggi”. Now, I will die of starving.


19) Ban on Maggi ?Are u serious?

So now you mean Rohit Sharma will hav to stay more than 2 mins on pitch ??

20) Status changed from ‘I know cooking’ to ‘I used to know cooking’

21) 1) Govt of India & Maggi:
For Govt.of India
मैगी की जाँच पूरी हो जाये तो कृपया
एक बार सभी सरकारी स्कूलों के मध्यान
भोजन की भी जाँच करा लीजियेगा ।
गरीबों के बच्चे भी तो बच्चे ही है न ?

22) a) Maggie band hone per.
sabse jayda pareshani.
un ladkiyo ko ho gi jo apne .
bio data me likh rakha hai.
‘i like cooking

23) Girl: Kya kar sakte ho mere liye?
Boy: Maggi kha skta hun.
Girl: itna pyar karte ho mujhse

24) Interviewer: So what happened after you ate Maggi for 25 years?

Man: I became a leader


25)  Best way to nullify the effect of Lead in Maggi is to eat it with Coke / Pepsi containing pesticides.

26) Now i should call my curly friends by their names! Maggi banned :p

27) Santa se interview mein pucha gaya:

Agar 2 minute ke liye aapko PM bana diya jaye toh aap kya karenge…..??

Santa: Hum Maggi noodles banayenge.

Intrviwer: Why….??

Santa: 2 Minute mein toh sirf Maggi ban sakta hai..

Intrvwer: Agar 5 saal ke liye bana diya jaye….??

Santa: Hum 5 saal ke liye PM nahi banenge.

Intrvwer: Why….??

Santa: Itni Maggi kaun khayega…??

28)  India will tolerate differences over Religion, Caste, Money, Politics, even Cricket but say 1 word against Maggi and we will destroy you!!!

29) To all the men who say they can cook, don’t lose heart! There’s still ‘boiled egg’ left in your culinary resume

30) If Maggi gets banned, what example will professors use in B Schools for misleading Advertisement?

May be from now onwards , you cannot enjoy maggi , but surely the above jokes on them !!

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