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If you know someone who loves to read poetry, Haiku will be another good option for you to quench your love for poetries and quotes. Haiku is a short poetry with three lines, that brings out the best essence of poetry.

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Take a look at our collection for the Best Haiku poems | Haiku images | Haiku quotes |

Best Haiku poems | Haiku images | Haiku quotes |

1.Love for life summed up:

I’ll drink your tears, slay your fears

my remaining years.

2. Out of washer fluid-

the window is unclear

and so is the road.

3. Our puzzle pieces

fit grooves otherwise unseen

oh,to feel complete.

4. It is warming up,

Snow is melting yet again,

I hear birds coming.

5. We were meant to meet

knowing you is destiny

Life forever changed

6. I can’t say you left

because the painful truth is

your were never there

7. If I sink deep enough

into the lining of this couch,

I too will become soft.

8. Pressure on my lips

The wanting movement of hips

leave me breathless.

9. I could see in her eyes

she had always been there

one who loved too much.

10. Autumn moonlight

a worm digs silently

into chestnut.

11. The things I love the most?

Her curves bathed in candlelight.

I miss the darkness.

12.Our puzzle pieces git grooves

otherwise unseen oh,

to feel complete.

13. Are we, the sailers

trying to convince others

of what’s known to them?

14. She’s in the clouds

heavy and dark,

waiting to fall like rain.

15. This stained hardwood floor

misses your quiet footsteps

memories on stage

16. You may feel alone

dark monsters rising inside

I will help fight them

17. Tossing and turning in bed

Sleep is a long lost dream

Moist pillow and aching heart.

18. We are wild spirits

compressed into mundane lives

Yearning for release.

19. The best within me,

Knows exactly what wants.

I howl just for you.

20. Her fire was immortal

cause she knew exactly when to

bring her satan into force.

21. This is not the end,

its temporary darkness,

we must keep going.

22. See how your mind,

it lures capture of your espirit

in all its beauty.

23. I will care for you

Here is where I’d rather be

Reinventing love.

24. Sparkling in the sky

Stars can’t shine their light until

they know the black night

25. I lived a lifetime

curled up inside a seashell

longing for the sea.

26. I want your default

to be the celebration

of all that we are.

27. Until we see them

on page, on stage, and in lights

we’ll remain sightless.

28. I’m falling asleep

the taste of your cheek lingers

like stars on my lips

29. Written in sorrow

this loud overture of hope

sounds like a forced smile.

30. I will love you like

The flowers in my garden and

The words in my poem.

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