Best Arabic Proverbs

The deserts, camels and the oils are not all that we can extract from Arabia. The place inherits some of the most beautiful quotes and sayings.

Well there is a lot of emotional and sentimental stuff that we get to hear from the place. Right from the striking eyes of women from behind their veils and men dressed in thrawbs never fail to allure.

Arabic proverbs

Here is a complete list of the Best Arabic Proverbs.

Best Arabic Proverbs

1. Unity is power.

2. The best answer will come from the person who is not angry.

3. Go with the lesser of two evils.

4. If you’re unable to reward, then make sure to thank.

5. Send a wise man; don’t advise him.

6. Everyone is critical of the flaws of others, but blind to their own.

7. Lack of intelligence is the greatest poverty.

8. It’s better to fix what you have than wait to get what you don’t have.

9. Be patient and you’ll get what you want.

10. Actions speak louder than words.

11. An envious person is the unhappiest.

12. Good health is a crown worn by the healthy than only the ill can see.

13. There’s always tomorrow.

14. A tree begins with a seed.

15. Anger begins with madness, but ends in regret.

16. Avoid that which requires an apology.

17. He makes a dome out of a grain.” This is the equivalent of making a “mountain” out of a “mole hill.

18. Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone

19. If the wind blows, ride it.

20. Visit rarely, and you will be more loved.

21. Time is made of gold.

22. The key to everything is determination.

23. Silence is the sign of approval.

24. Lying is a disease, and truth is a cure.

25. Keeping a secret is a commitment.

26. If you have an opinion, you better be determined.

27. A house divided cannot stand.

28. Arrogance diminishes wisdom.

29. A secret is like a dove: when it leaves my hand it takes wing.

30. A known mistake is better than an unknown truth.

31. A sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to our steps as we walk the tightrope of life.

32. Ask the experienced rather than the learned.

33. Every sun has to set.

34. Wishing does not make a poor man rich.

35. No crowd ever waited at the gates of patience.

36. He who sees the calamity of other people finds his own calamity light.He who sees the calamity of other people finds his own calamity light.

37. Do not buy either the moon or the news, for in the end they will both come out.

38. Believe what you see and lay aside what you hear.

39. Arrogance is a weed that grows mostly on a dunghill.

40. Ask your purse what you should buy.

41. The fruit of silence is tranquility.

42. Think of the going out before you enter.

43. The fruit of timidity is neither gain nor loss.

44. What is learned in youth is carved in stone.

45. Opinion comes before the bravery of the braves.

46. The stupid might want to help you, but they just ended up hurting you.

47. You reap what you sow.

48. Ignorance is the most terrible acquaintance.

49. The house of a tyrant is a ruin.

50. If you are charitable, you are rich.

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