WhatsApp Backup in Blackberry | Restoring WhatsApp Messages in Blackberry

WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging app which allows users to communicate over Internet data or Wi-Fi without paying a single penny for the messages or any video or audio sharing. WhatsApp provides two options for users those who want to save their chat history i.e. exporting it as a .txt file which can be sent over email or creating back up of it. In this article I’ll show you WhatsApp Backup in Blackberry and Restoring WhatsApp Messages in Blackberry.

Backing up your messages

In Blackberry 10 device, your WhatsApp conversations are saved automatically at 4AM everyday (your local time). Backup files are saved by default in the phone’s internal memory, but only given that there is enough free space. If needed you can also manually back up your whatsapp chats at any time. Below given are the steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Application Menu (Swipe down).
  2. Tap on Settings > Media Settings > Backup conversations.

Restoring messages

If you’re deleting your messages and then reinstall the WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted with a message to import your backup after you first open your new WhatsApp. Tap Restore and your chat history will be restored and appeared. Make sure you import you chat history before the file gets expired. As back up files are only valid for 7 days

Exporting Chat History

To export a copy of the history of an individual chat or group, you can use the email conversations feature:

  1. Tap and hold on the individual or group conversation you want to export.
  2. Select Email conversation.
  3. Tap on

An email will be composed with your chat history attached as a .txt document.

So this is how to take WhatsApp Backup in Blackberry | Restoring WhatsApp Messages in Blackberry and Save Chat History in BB.