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Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius borns are found to be the most sober and down to earth people. However their frank and opinionated nature often gets people on their nerves. But this also saves them in the good books of a lot of people.

So if you are looking for some quotes or traits that you can relate to an Aquarius that you know, find some from here.

Aquarius quotes

Take a look at our collection for the best Aquarius status | Aquarius quotes |Quotes on Aquarius | Aquarius traits |

Aquarius status | Aquarius quotes |Quotes on Aquarius | Aquarius traits |

  1.  They’re often imitated but never duplicated.
  2. An angry Aquarius can be be truly frightening. Because when they unleash their wrath they can be heartless.
  3. They can smile and laugh even when they are burning and exploding from the inside.
  4. If an Aquarius has ever cared for you, chances are, they still do.
  5. An Aquarius is a master at ignoring people.
  6. You can hold a conversation with them for hours without getting bored.
  7. When an Aquarius has a hard time sleeping it is because they cannot get the thoughts in their mind to quiet down.
  8. The water bearer.
  9. They take pride in being wise and will take every opportunity to become even wiser.
  10. Aquarians have a strong verbal expression of love.
  11. Aquarius doesn’t communicate with words. This sign uses songs, dances, poems and body language to express their true feelings.
  12. Most mysterious
  13. Aquarius have a love of humanity.
  14. Aquarians are nice until you make them mad and when you make them mad, nice doesn’t exist.
  15. Aquarius form connections mentally before connecting physically and emotionally.
  16. The only one in the room who disagrees when everyone else is just following.
  17. An Aquarius will definitely make you laugh with their unfiltered, straight faced sarcasm.
  18. They are good at giving people a taste of their own medicine.
  19. Aquarians are half “I’ll do anything in the world for you” and half “Once you cross me, there’s no turning back”.
  20. You don’t want to hear what Aquarius is thinking when you’re getting the silent treatment.
  21. Don’t ever tell an Aquarius that something cannot be done, because they will prove wrong time after time.
  22. They will embrace your differences and never judge you.
  23. You are a league of your own and you know it.
  24. Aquarius are very intrigued by things that are out of the ordinary.
  25. The first step is always the hardest for them.
  26. If you make an Aquarius mad, find shelter.
  27. Pet peeve: Being told what to do.
  28. They are the most loyal friends and partners you can ever have.
  29. An Aquarius will not allow anyone to just talk down to them.
  30. If you can make an Aquarius think and laugh, you have a good chance with them.

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