100 Best WhatsApp Romantic Messages for Girlfriend

I Love you messages can instantly bring a smile on your girlfriend’s face. She will definitely feel special, loved and cared for. Here is a collection of original ideas and different ways to say I Love You to your girlfriend. Write a message, WhatsApp her, give her a card, send her a text message or write a poem – I guess WhatsApp is the best way to convey it. You will be surprised at how much difference a simple heartfelt message can make in your relationship. Here are 100 Best WhatsApp Romantic Messages for Girlfriend


  1. I don’t know what everyone else means when they utter these magic words, but when I say ‘I Love You’ to you, I mean that my life is incomplete without you. Thanks for being the girlfriend I never deserved.
  2. You have this incredible way of making my heart happy.
  3. Life without you is like a pizza without cheese. Life without you is like pasta without sauce. Life without you is like curry without spice. Life can never be complete without you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.
  4. A day without your love is a day without life.
  5. We’ve known each other for so long.
    We walked together a several thousand miles.
    We altogether sang the highest and lowest notes.
    I want this relationship dig an extra mile.
    I’d love to do it with you.
    I love you baby.
  6. Ask my eyes to stop looking at you…
    Ask my brain to stop thinking about you..
    Ask my imagination to stop dreaming about you..
    Ask my heart to stop beating..
    Ask me everything..
    But don’t u ever stop me from loving you.
  7. Pretty curls of silky hair and
    Soft body smooth as the baby’s feet,
    Simply irresistible.
    Not sure if it is love or lust,
    but it is simply irreversible.
  8. To live, I need air,
    For life I need a heartbeat
    To have a good heart I need love,
    And to feel loved, I need YOU!
  9. The only condition of my love for you is that there are, and will never be any conditions at all. I love you.
  10. Tress are tall, branches are small, but my love for you, is greatest than all.
  11. I still feel the same way since the first time I saw you.
    It’s funny how my heart still skips a beat
    Each time you whisper words in my ear.
    I so love you.
  12. Faith makes all things possible,
    Hope makes all things work,
    Love makes all things beautiful,
    May u have all the 3,
    As u begin each day.
  13. You made me feel how it is to be loved,
    and it has taught me what love really is.
    Am waiting for the day we will be together forever,
    and can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.
  14. This is my gift of love,
    Wrapped in romance,
    Bonded by this romantic love sms
    Sealed with care to keep you happy and safe all lifelong.
  15. I may not be the richest man in the world but I can guarantee you that no amount of riches will be able to buy the amount of love I have for you. I love you till no end sweetheart.
  16. The only regret I have is not knowing you since that day I was born,
    so that I will be able to spend my ENTIRE life with you. Love you sweetheart.
  17. I have waited this long to finally be on my knees
    and thank God for making our roads meet.
    Now, my journey will be filled with fun and joy because I have you.
    I love you.
  18. A special LUNCH 4 u,
    In de hotel of my Heart,
    A boul of love,
    A spoon of care,
    In the pot of Happiness,
    Dish is friendship,
    Pay the bill
  19. Three things that I love,
    The sun, the moon and you!
    The sun during the day,
    The moon during the night
    and you forever and ever!
  20. I love you too much, my heart is sure
    As clock ticks by, love you little more,
    Your loving smile, cheerful face, no one will ever take your place.
  21. If I was given one last wish it before I died, I’d ask for one last look into your eyes so that I can get a glimpse of what heaven looks like. You have the most beautiful eyes in the whole world darling. I love you.
  22. I would cross a thousand oceans just to hold you tight.
    I would climb a thousand mountains just to be with you every single night.
    Darling I miss you so much.
  23. I can’t believe what my eyes have seen.
    When I’m in front of you,
    I now believe that angels do come down from heaven just to be by our side.
    You’re the sweetest angel I’ve seen.
    I love you honey.
  24. How do i love you?
    i really cannot tell,
    for it is a pain
    like no known ache,
    a pain with which i would not part,
    for i treasure life
    and life is my heart,
    and my heart is you…
  25. My love is genuine that is sure,
    and so is yours, white and pure.
    Your loving smile on that pretty face,
    no one will ever take your place!
  26. Man: You look exactly like my girlfriend.
    Girl: Oh ok! What is her name?
    Boy: I don’t have a girlfriend yet…
  27. I want to treat you like a queen simply because you rule my world. I am at your service, your majesty. I love you!
  28. When you’re in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks.
  29. It doesn’t matter how far we are together now.
    You are always in my thoughts.
    I can’t wait to see you a few months from now.
    I love you though I’m miles apart.
  30. I will never compare you to a beautiful rose,
    because the rose wilts in a few days,
    but you are bright and beautiful forever.
  31. Hey!
    I was calling you but the operator said the girl you are calling is an angel and its not possible to call heaven this time
  1. I get goose bumps all over my body when I think about you. I feel like I’m on heaven when I hug you. And I feel blessed when I say ‘I Love You’ to you. Be mine darling, now and forever.
  1. If you wake up 1 day and were asked to have a
    wish, what would it be?
    Mine would be that our love would last until
    you see an apple
    in an orange tree.
  2. I am very happy to have you as my girlfriend.
    Thank you for your support and believing in me.
    But before all this, I have been your consistent number one fan!
    I love you.
  3. The English alphabet went for a picnic,
    leaving a pair of lovers behind.
    “U” and “I”
  4. With all the lights in the sky
    and with all the love in the world,
    And with innocence of a child’s smile
    I wish you good night and may your dreams come true.
  5. You are cuter than all the cute cat pictures on the internet combined! I love you, my cutiepie.
  6. Wanting you is easy missing you is hard.
    Wishing you was with me wrapped up in my arms.
    Constantly think of you when we are apart.
    I’ve got the padlock you have the key to my heart.
  7. Chocolates are incomparable to your sweetness.
    Roses can’t compete with your beauty and loveliness.
    I love you for being you.
  8. You are not like sunshine that is so bright,
    you are not like sugar that is so sweet,
    you are not like a rose that is so cute,
    but you are like yourself,
    and that’s why I love you!
  9. Ask if I need you & I’ll say forever,
    Ask if I’ll leave you & U the answer is Never
    Ask what do you cherish and my answer is YOU,
    Say that you love me and I’ll say I love you too 🙂
  1. I can spend days without food and sleep but I cannot spend a minute without your love. Your love is, and always will be my lifeline. I love you darling.
  1. Your love is the best gift I have ever got in my life. Be mine and I will shower you with gifts all your life. I love you!
  2. I love your eyes, I love your smile,
    I cherish your wish I adore your style,
    what can I say?
    You are of a kind & you are on my mind!
  3. I feel sad each morning because I wake up without you beside me.
    I can’t wait to wrap in you in my arms day and night.
    I so miss your hugs too.
    I love you more each day my darling
  4. I asked God for a flower and He gave me a beautiful rose garden.
    I asked God for some money and He made me rich.
    I asked God for an angel and he gave me you!
  5. I would be kidding if I said that you were the best girlfriend in the world, because you are the best girlfriend in the whole universe! I love you darling.
  6. Let the world know your love
    Like mid day sun light
    Like full moon light
    Like mountain height.
  7. Sweet memories..
    Lovely kisses..
    Gentle whispers..
    Subtle caress…
    I want to share this for a lifetime with you and give you all of me.
    I love you.
  8. God created me and then he created you,
    because he just knew that I would love you the best.
  9. Kabhi udasi aye to 1 bar bolna,
    Kabhi dukh chaaye to aasu se Behna,
    Pyar na to Tu ajnabi hi rehna
    Par ek baat yaad rakhna, ki….
    Kabhi – alvida —  na —  kehna.
  10. Your love is the best gift I have ever got in my life. Be mine and I will shower you with gifts all your life. I love you!
  11. Mine eyes desire you above all things
    & when you love me my heart sings.
  12. You’re the sweetest gift I have ever received.
    You’re the biggest blessing God has ever given me.
    It’s more than just winning the lottery jackpot!
    I can’t find anyone else like you in this world.
    I’d like to keep you forever in my heart.
    I love you.
  13. Every day I can’t stop my smile,
    When I see your SMS in my mobile,
    So please keep messaging at-least once in a while,
    and help me keep that smile.
  14. Sach hai ki Jaan hai mujhko bahut pyaari,
    Jaan ke liye nichaavar yaari,
    Jaan ke liye tod du ye dosti tumaari,
    Kya bataau ae dost,
    Tum hi toh ho jaan hamaari.
  15. I had always believed that love happens only once. But after meeting you, I have realized that love can happen again, stronger than ever! Thanks for being the love in my life. I love you!
  16. 24 hours in a day is not enough to think about you my dear,
    I find it very hard to search for words to describe you
    because there are no perfect words in the dictionary.
    Thinking about you is a pleasure for me.
  17. How can you stop the rain drops when the cloud exists?
    How can you stop the fluttering leaves when the wind exists?
    How can you stop me from falling in love when you exist?
  18. Mukarna ata nahi humey,
    Har ek soch mein aapka intezaar karte hain,
    Tum sambaal na paaoge jise qayaamat tak,
    Usse  bhi zyaada tumhe pyaar karte hain!
  19. I can say ‘I Love You’ a million times and still not express how much love I have in my heart to give you. Nevertheless, I love you.
  20. Her very frowns are fairer far
    Than smiles of other maidens are.
  21. 24 hours in a day is not enough to think about you my dear,
    I find it very hard to search for words to describe you
    because there are no perfect words in the dictionary.
    Thinking about you is a pleasure for me.
  22. Forgetting you is a hard thing to do,
    Forgetting me is up to you,
    Forget me not & forget me never,
    And please don’t forget that we are great together.
  23. Mann ke ujaale ko paani se bujha lenge,
    Yaad aayi to puraana jaam utha lenge.
    Humse accha aashique mile to bata dena,
    Tumhare raston se khud ko nikaal lenge.
  24. Meeting you was the best moment of my life. Asking you out was the best decision of my life. Having you in my life, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you.
  25. When I am with you, I just want to feel you warm breath near my heart and hugging so tightly to feel height of excitement of your heart.
  26. My mind is fully occupied with your
    cute childish activities and your sweet smile.
    I can’t take back my eyes from you
    as it is addicted towards you.
    Even my heart is not listening to me;
    It is throbbing only for you.
  27. Never say yes when you want to say no.
    Never say you are happy when you are worried.
    Never say everything is fine when everything is bad.
    Never say you are alone, when I am still alive.
  28. Aapki khoobsurti ka jawaab nahi,
    Hum aapko dekha karte hain,
    Is chaahat mein ke kwaab mein aaoge,
    Hum din mein bi soya karte hain!
  29. You are the sweetest, cutest, prettiest and hottest girl ever! I truly don’t deserve someone as beautiful as you and I pinch myself everyday to check if I’m living a dream. I love you.
  30. I would never be tired of you even if I am with you all day long.
    In fact I grown to like you a little more every day. I love you.
  31. I wish to share the nice dream which I dreamt yesterday.
    I was with you in your room very close to you on your bed,
    There was cool breeze around us, and the lights were off,
    Then I came closer to you, my eyes are looking at you,
    My lips near your face and I said have a good night!
  32. Seasons may change and people might change,
    Men may come and men may go,
    but my heart is something that always belongs to you.
  33. Tumhare aane se zindagi ujaala hai,
    Dil aur mann ki kashish, vo aapki hi surat hai,
    Bichad na nahi humse galti se bhi,
    Humein har saans mein aapki zaruurat hai!
  1. I like you because you are beautiful, charming, warm, loving, caring and pretty. But I love you because you are, well, you. Don’t ever change because you are perfect in every way. I love you dear.
  2. Your beauty is the capital of business. My eyes are stock in trade.
    Let us enter into transaction, you secretly give me a trade discount,
    I openly give you a cash discount and thus my partner, our trading
    and profit-loss account will show net profit.
  3. Many days I realized myself smiling
    without my knowledge and uncontrollably,
    The reason is YOU,
    whenever I think of you and you sweet smile, I start smiling.
    It is a wonderful feel for me and I love it.
    Happy to have you in my life!
  4. Our love is like the snow,
    you are the snow-woman and I am the snow-man.
    We hugged each other and melted in each other’s arms.
  1. Dear customer,
    Aapke pyaar ki validity samapt ho rahi hai,
    Bade pyaar se ek romantic sms kar recharge kar dein.
  1. Whenever I close my eyes and think about you, I feel a warm gush of summer breeze. That’s because you are the sunshine in my life. I love you darling.
  2. Sweetheart, you are the morning dew,
    You are the honey in the flower,
    You are the colors present in the nature,
    You are the best of the best and I found the best girl for my life.
    I love you much my sweetie!
  3. A special gift for a special face,
    A special person whom I can never replace.
    I love you and always will,
    You are in my heart that no one else can fill.
  1. Sochta hu ki kash khusihyon ki ek dukaan hoti
    Aur mujhe unki pehchan ho jaati
    bhar deta aapka ek ek pal khushiyon se
    Chahe uski keemat meri jaan hoti
  1. Every time I look into your eyes, my mind whispers I Love You. With every beat, my heart shouts I Love You. With every breath, my soul says I Love You. My mind, heart and soul, live for you and only you. I love you.
  2. Please my Cuty!!! Spell out your ingredients because i
    mixed kgs of sugar, kgs of chocolate, kgs of
    honey and I still can’t make a sweetheart like you…
  3. My love on you doesn’t have any restrictions.
    It has no time, no rules, no reasons
    But it has only one motive that is to reach you
    And have you in my life forever.
  4. To see you smile,
    I will walk many a mile.
    To hear you talk,
    hundred miles will I walk.
    To touch your hand,
    I will cross seven seas and land.
    You are my love, life and everything that I own.
  1. Aasani se raho mein mil jaaye to,
    kaise maalum ho k sabar karna kya hota hai.
    Thodi aas laga ke baitho kisiki chahat me toh maalum ho.
  1. Tattooing your name on my body is not enough. My love for you is etched permanently in my heart. I love you.
  2. How can I spell s_ccess without U? or c_te?
    I can’t even have f_n or any good l_ck
    without it looks like I just can’t s_rvive without U.
  3. Days keep on passing by in our love life,
    but my love towards you is growing stronger and stronger day by day.
    Days or years doesn’t matter,
    I love you forever and will love you till my last breath.
  4. If I see you smile,
    I don’t need a bunch of flowers.
    If I hear your voice,
    I don’t need the merry birds chirping.
    If you speak to me,
    I don’t need to listen to anyone else.
    If you love me,
    I don’t need the world.
  5. I am not afraid of dying anymore because I have had the honor of meeting the most beautiful girl to walk on the face of earth. I will cherish our relationship until my last breath. I love you sweetheart.
  6. I wasted my days until I met you.
    I am unlucky to miss those days;
    I could have had more precious days spent with you.
    I am going to compensate those days by spending each and every second with you my dear,
    Love you so much!
  7. If there is one wish that would come true,
    I will give you my eyes,
    So that you can see through my eyes,
    how beautiful you look.
  8. You have put up with my idiosyncrasies and insecurities since the day you met me. Today I am a stronger and better person, just because of you and I promise to be the man of your dreams, now and forever.
  9. Now I came to learn about the tenses very well and it’s because of you.
    I loved you, I love you and I will love you.
    My love will last forever my dear! Love you!
  10. People may ask if Love is something to fight for,
    but when I think of your love, I am ready for even a war.
  11. If Miss Universe saw you, she would hand over her crown to you in the blink of an eye. I feel like the luckiest boyfriend on the earth. I hope you know how much I love you.


Collection of 100 Best WhatsApp Romantic Messages for Girlfriend where you can find beautiful romantic messages. It is your important responsibility to convey your love, romantic feel to your girlfriend and make them understand how important they mean to you.